Welcome to the Koffee Klub! We hope you'll stay a while now that you're here. Have a look at our menu and choose whatever takes your fancy.  Please don't go until you've enjoyed a steaming mug of Koffee!

Soup du Jour
The latest menu changes. 

Mixed Hors D'Oeuvres
A selection of the things we like. 

Prune Juice
Ten things you won't find in the Koffee Klub. 

Caesar Salad
Written the Emperor of all fanfic? Then enter it in one of the many contests available on the web. 

Garden Salad
No common or garden items here! Come and help us celebrate our success! 

Waldorf Salad
Looking for something classy? Check out the Koffee Klub Awards. 

Prime Rib
Leave a message on our message board. 

Stir Fried Vegetables
Join us in the chatroom. 

Half Baked Potatoes
Come and meet the Koffee Klub members. 


Agarbreep Stew
Read the Koffee Klub's unique brand of fanfiction. 

Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce
Our eye candy has a very special recipe. 

Pecan Pie
Some songs are clearly J/C, take a bite of pie and read the lyrics or if you have the appetite 
for a whole slice take the challenge and write a story to go with the song. 

Strawberries and Cream
We've been told that there is life outside the Koffee Klub. We don't believe it but in the spirit of exploration some intrepid Klub members have ventured forth. Come and see what they found! 


We have a range of koffees available, which one would you choose? 

A few sweet alternatives selected by our members. 


Join us at the bar and tell us what you thought of our site. 

A few of us gathered again in Cleveland for a special Voyager Gala with the Captain and a few of her closest friends for an aftenoon and evening of laughter and great conversation.

The Klub gathered in Hartford and enjoyed Tea at Five with Kate Mulgrew and again in Cleveland for a repeat performance and breakfast with Tim. A Few members were lucky enought to catch it in New York and one of us even made it to Palm Beach

This time the gathering was in LA and chance to see Kate in a very different show

Awesome Author Award

Picnic Prose Prize

Awesome Artist Award

We apologise for the absence of bread from our menu, the management is experiencing a shortage of dough. This is because 
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