Newburgh NY 
May 21,22,23


This seeminly normal house in a seeminly quiet neighbor hood was the scene of the VISIT
Jinny R and Chris joined KJ (the homeless) for a three day visit hosted (due to the last minute intervention of a small house fire) by KJ's daughter Melissa

Early on the morning of the 20th Chris and Jinny began their journey ‘south of the boarder’.

Chris getting read to take the driver's seat of Jinny's car for the journey south.
From London to Newburgh at warp speed, Chris wrestling the wheel away from Jinny; Jinny closing her eyes and hanging on (Hey that’s the way I heard it!)  all the way!  The trip went smoothly until they spent the last hour driving in circles around Newburgh, but they finally made it. After a round of quick introductions (and assurances that mom's friends were not axe murders) we shared a few rounds of magaritas (lime and Strawberry).  The conversation was long and loud carrying on long into the night, the laughter so loud at times that the 'grownups' finally came down stairs to quiet us down.  Being properly reprimanded we settled down in our luxury accommodations for an all too short sleep.

Jinny needs her coffee before she even consideres getting out of bed.
We took things a bit slower on Friday morning before heading out for a  very late lunch and a trip up the Shawangunk mountains for a picturesque views of the Hudson Valley.  Our early morning activities included such exciting activities and bouncing babies and play in the ball pit.

Jinny with Liam and Madison
Grandma (KJ) and Liam in the ball pit

-- no pictures of the beautiful view, the mountains or each other are available because .... no one brought a camera- DUH!!

 On Friday evening MT and FT joined us while we stuffed our selves with KJ’s homemade Friday night Pizza followed by several cups of hot chocolate with Amaretto and Kahlua all while the room buzzed with the hum of three computers and numerous on line conversations.  We tried (not terribly successfully) to wind down early and get a good night sleep in preparation for our big day in NYC.

Jinny and KJ 

Chris was kind enough to start our morning with coffee and baileys and this lovely shot of Jinny and KJ sharing a mirror as we prepare to make a mad dash for the train.   Train pictures -- which I'm told include lovely shots of KJ sleeping-- are unavailable (translation -- Melissa didn't get them developed yet!)  -- to be posted at a later date

After a quick look at the architecture of Grand Central station we boarded the subway and headed out to Battery Park were we (wonderwoman wrist bands and motionsickness meds) boarded a ferry for a trip across NY Harbor.

      JinnyR              KJ           Chris

final destination-- Liberty Island and the Lady herself.

Chris - KJ - Jinny
(and someguy)

There will be no short jokes here!!!

Melissa        Jinny             KJ
Chris Jinny  Melissa

Next stop  was the  South Street Seaport

and a quick peek at ground zero

Time didn't allow for waiting in line sooooooo the Empire State Building from the street up!!!

And then off to dinner and on to the play.  This time Kate wasn't in town so we made due  with what we had.

The theater was small and sooooo far off Broadway it could have been in New Jersey!  The  first hint of the fun to come was the bathrooms--yes the bathrooms.  The theater had two bathrooms-- Laidies and UniSex!!!!  We told the guys to get in line and didn't stop laughing until we got back to Grand Central!   Join the fun and sing a long now!!!

I'm having a hot flash
A tropical hot flash
My personal summer
is really a bummer
I'm having a hot flash

After our day in the big city we found our way back up state to once again disrupt the peaceful little house in what was once a quiet  neighbor hood.


On Sunday Chris took her rest in KJ's hammock while Jinny took on KJ's computer.  It was a quieter day and an earlier night.

And Bright and Early (Ok so there was notining bright about it but it was early)  on Monday morning KJ went back to work and our merry travelers headed off the the boarder again!

Look out folks they could be headed to your town next!!

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