To the Captain's Private Dining Room

Over the years, there have been many contests to find the best stories relating to Voyager and Janeway and Chakotay.  Some have been based on length of the story, others on the subject of the story.  Until the winter of 2001, no one had focused on the authors who provide those stories.

The Awesome Author Award ran each year from 2001 until 2005 and was an effort to recognize the authors who provided consistently good J/C fanfic stories for readers over a period of time.  We were not looking for an author who wrote the best romance, or the best angst, or the best action stories.  We  were looking for an author who provided a variety of stories in varying lengths.  Klub members enjoy a good chuckle and a tear jerker as much as the happy endings and plotless tales. We wanted to recognize the continuing efforts of all the authors who quietly supply our craving for new J/C stories with consistently good stories. To that end we designed the Awesome Author Award.

The winners for each year are listed below, you can visit their websites by clicking on their award.


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