A Koffee Klub Challenge Story
by Shayenne

Chakotay pulled on a pair of sweatpants to cover his nudity and stumbled to the door. Whoever was ringing the chime was very insistent. The shrill noise jangled through his head. Hell, they must have their finger welded on the button. Covering a yawn with one hand, and hitching up the sagging sweatpants with the other, he opened the door. Outside was Kathryn, dressed in workout clothes and literally hopping from foot to foot. He studied her, noticing the overbright eyes and the tension apparent in every line of her body. She pushed past him and bounded into the room, flinging herself down on the couch, before leaping up again and crossing to his replicator.

"Coffee, black."

"You can't sleep again can you?" Chakotay was already resigning himself to another sleepless night talking, acting as her sounding board for the ideas cascading through her wired brain. "If you stopped drinking coffee you might have a chance of sleeping."

She made a face. "I don't want any more of your insipid herbal tea, Chakotay. The last one tasted like stewed socks and didn't do anything to help me sleep."

"Do you want to sleep?" He was genuinely curious. He had half flattered himself that she came in here at night to be with him, and his efforts to help her sleep were less than whole-hearted. He liked being with her and if she went to sleep on him he missed her company. After all, she wouldn't sleep WITH him, so on balance he preferred her awake.

"Of course," she was pacing around his quarters, studying his things, things she must already know by heart considering the amount of time she spent touching and fondling them. She picked up a small statuette, running a careful finger over the cool surface.

"OK, no more tea then." He racked his brain, trying to think of a traditional sleep remedy he could replicate for her, preferably one that wouldn't work too well. An idea came to him and he punched in the requisite buttons.

"Here, try this." He poured a measure of sticky red liquid into the plastic cup it was delivered with. He held it out to her.

"What is it?" She looked warily at the viscous liquid.

"Some sleep aid medicine. Don't worry, it was sold without a prescription in the twentieth century. It's harmless. It's just supposed to help you sleep."

She took hold of the cup, her fingers clasping over his, and tilted it to her mouth. His fingers brushed her jaw. He forced himself not to jerk back. The brush of her skin so close to her lips was electric.

"Tastes of cherries…" Her tongue came out and she licked all around the plastic container catching the last of the drops. As she licked the rim, her tongue touched his fingers and he did jerk back.

She saw his reaction and smiled. Chakotay half wished he had more clothes on. The way her eyes were running over his naked chest was downright predatory. She ran a gentle finger down his chest from his throat to the waistband of his pants.

"I know what I'd like," she purred at him.

He swallowed hard, wondering if he was dreaming this whole surreal encounter. This was not her normal behavior late at night in his quarters.

"What?" His voice was a croak.

"You to rub my… back." She turned away from him so he could see her back, clad only in the thin workout tank. "It would relax me… help me sleep." She walked to the couch, and lay down on her stomach, her arms above her head, pillowing her cheek. She looked directly at him. "Will you Chakotay? Please…"

He was helpless to resist. Crossing to the couch, he knelt on the ground and placed his hands on her back and began rubbing.

She groaned and arched slightly into his hands as he kneaded the firm muscles.

"Ohhh… that feels so good."

He soothed his hands over her back, running along her shoulders and down her upper arms before returning to her shoulders.

Abruptly she sat up and pulled off the tank. "The material is giving me friction burns," she said as she settled back down. "You feel good Chakotay…"

He couldn't help himself. His body responded to the sight of her creamy back, naked except for the line of the black bra strap. Black? Not Starfleet issue for sure. Adjusting the front of his pants so that he was as comfortable as he could be with a raging hard-on, he hesitantly returned his hands to her skin. Gods but she felt good. Soft, supple, firm and smooth, soft as satin. His hands glided over her body slick as butter.

She moaned slightly and adjusted her position on the couch. For the first time, he wondered if there was a motive behind this. Rubbing the naked back of his Captain, his friend, went far beyond the boundaries of acceptable touch. His touch had slowed to a caress as his thoughts ran unhindered in forbidden directions.

Her head was turned towards him. Her eyes opened suddenly, brilliantly blue as she met his eyes. "That is so good….." her eyes drifted closed again but the shift of her body under his hands told him the caress was welcomed.

He got bolder, stroking featherlight strokes along her sides, creeping up to the sides of her breasts covered by the black lace. She shifted slightly to give him better access and his hands slipped underneath her to palm across her breasts.

Hardly daring to breathe he rubbed a hesitant thumb over her nipple and was rewarded by a moan. He returned his hands to her back and rubbed his way down to her buttocks. Slipping his hands under her workout shorts he kneaded the firm globes. She was relaxed and boneless under his grasp, making no sound except for the soft tide of her breathing, nearly inaudible in the charged atmosphere of the room, and drowned by his own tortured, rasping breath. He continued to rub and caress her buttocks, trying to work up the courage to press lower, between her legs. He had to be sure.


There was no answer.


He moved his hands from her and looked at her face. She was sound asleep, eyes closed, head resting on her arms, a small smile on her face. He sat back on his heels and cursed. He had never known her to fall asleep so easily, and the fact that she did so when he was seducing her was a double blow to his pride.

Just what was in that stuff he had given her anyway? He picked up the bottle and read the label. "Nytol Sleep Aid: Warning: May cause drowsiness."

Damn. And double damn.

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