A Koffee Klub Challenge Story
by Shayenne

The Delta Flyer nudged its way through the shuttle bay doors. Chakotay watched open-mouthed. Nudged really was the operative word here. Tom was not normally nearly so careless, especially with his beloved Flyer and especially not with B'Elanna watching. The Flyer scraped along one side of the doors with a noise that set the watcher's teeth on edge. A long scratch mark was clearly evident on its gleaming white sides.

"P'tak!" B'Elanna's brow was furrowed and her expression was thunderous. "What is he thinking."   The Flyer came in a little too fast and its nose careened off the far wall, denting the surface before bouncing back and settling on the floor.  Chakotay opened a Comm link to the shuttle.

"Naomi!" Tom's anguished voice reached them. "I always let you drive the Flyer into the shuttle bay. You've never done it this badly before. B'E's gonna kill me…." His anguished groan reached them.

"Naomi's driving?" Chakotay smiled. He knew that Tom occasionally let her 'drive' as he liked to call it, but he didn't know she regularly parked the shuttle for him.  On his other side Sam Wildman put her hand to her forehead. "I didn't know he let her drive the thing," she muttered more to herself then anyone. "I wouldn't have let her go. But she told me she was all right."  B'Elanna looked past Chakotay.

"What's wrong with her, Sam?"  Sam pulled a brown bottle out of a bag at her feet.

"She's got a cough. She refused to go and see the Doctor so I gave her some of this remedy I found in the database."

"A cough remedy shouldn't have affected her piloting ability." Chakotay was puzzled.  Wordlessly Sam handed him the bottle. Clearly written on the side were the words, 'Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication.'

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