A Koffee Klub Challenge Story
by Sheri
All I have to say is I was forced into this.

Kathryn walked down the hall of an all too quiet Voyager; she was heading to the mess hall where she had been summoned.  Neelix said he had to talk to her.  Foodstuffs had been so low, it had them all worried for a while there. But now Neelix had an idea and wanted to show her what he found.

She entered the mess hall to find it completely dark except for a faint light coming from the kitchen.  “Neelix, are you there?”

“Ah, Captain, there you are.  I’m glad you could come.”

“I don’t have a lot of time here, Neelix. just what did you have to discuss with me?”

“The problem with the food, or the lack of it.”

“Lack of it?  I don’t understand.”

“Well, Captain.  It seems I found some unused crewmen laying around, one by the name of Ararbnonnarb.  I figured he could solve our problem with the food situation, so I cooked him.”

Kathryn couldn’t believe what she heard, “You what?”

“Well, I did have a problem with how to cut and serve, but I think I solved that.  Here you can see for yourself,” Neelix commented as he pulled the cover off a nearby table to reveal Ararbnannarb nicely cooked through and through.  He then pulled out a chain saw from under the table, pulled the cord and started it up.

Kathryn screamed……


“Kath…Kath!   Wake up, honey. Its just another nightmare.”

Kathryn sat up still a little groggy, “Oh, God, Chakotay, it was awful!”

“I told you that agarbreep stew just doesn’t agree with you.”

“I know, but the baby wanted it.”

“Well, the baby wants a lot of strange things that aren't necessarily good for you.”

Kathryn rolled over closer to Chakotay, “That nightmare really bothered me Chakotay.  Care to make me forget it?” she asked as she snuggled closer.

“I would love to” he answered as he moved to kiss her neck.


If I hadn't been forced into this, I may have gone further.

Which is another way of saying, we have to talk her into finishing the scene for us.


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