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Dinner was held in the lobby of the State Theater at Playhouse Square.  Everyone was dressed in their finest rags but the mood was as cheerful as during the afternoon. Kate and Tim were there to greet everyone to the cocktail hour that preceded dinner. The open bar didn't hurt the mood either. Everyone was circulating and chatting.  People mingled and slowly took their turns to talk to Kate and Tim.

John de Lancie and his wife, Marnie, were also circulating among the guests.

Robbie joined the group shortly after the doors opened looking a bit worn from his travels but smiling and gracious.  People had to make up for missing photo ops with Robbie during the day, so he had more than his share of pictures taken during the cocktail hour.

Tim Russ showed up and seemed more comfortable with a wall to his back than in the middle of the room. He regally held court, looking much more like Tuvok in dinner clothes than he had in the casual attire from the afternoon - big surprise, right?  People took advantage of his location to snap quite a few pictures with him as well.

Garrett Wang?  Well, evidently he found that hotel much more intriguing than anyone else because he dashed in when we were all taking our seats for dinner having completely missed the before dinner drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  How do we know he dashed in?  Well, he dashed in and up to our table and sat down.  He called it lucky table 13 and he was right.  He said 'hi' to everyone and asked a question or two before leaving -- there was something he had to do.

What was that?  Well, it seemed that Robbie was about ten feet away and I don't think they had spoken yet.  Garrett went over and greeted him - just like Tom would greet Harry (yes, that is intentional).  If nothing else convinced you of the reality of the friendship among that group, that greeting would have.

Garrett eventually returned when the food arrived - he seemed to be a bit hungry.  Conversation was a bit stilted at first but once we got started it was extremely interesting.  We discussed Voyager related subjects briefly - Jeri Ryan, the focus of the series after season 4, Timeless and The Disease and what Garrett thought of them, but we also got off on other topics, like the various forms of Chinese, some history of China and Taiwan, and current developments in Asia.

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