KJ's J/C Fanfiction I don't know how KJ manages to write stories so fast and frequently and still keep them of such high quality but she does it and you need to read them! Go back often to keep up with the updates! 
Sheri's Voyager Fanfic If you love little people you'll like Sheri's stories!
Crista's Site No stories here but have a look anyway.
Shayenne's J/C Fanfic Includes some great NC-17, don't miss her amazing drabble 'A Little Death!
Autopilot's J/C Fanfic AP may not be a prolific writer but she's a great one, give her lots of encouragement!
Sängerin's Spot A fabulous list of fic, don't miss the "Returning" saga.
JinnyR's Voyager Fanfic Jinny writes wonderful stories, be sure to check them out.
Cress's Page Cress's stories first appeared here but now she has her own site so check there for the new stuff!
LauraJo's Lunar Lounge The "Same Time, Next Year" series is a must read and don't forget "My Mate Marmite"
JCUK And if you know what Marmite is then you may be eligible to join JCUK, checkout the JCUK Homepage.
The Koffee Klub You must have noticed all the references to the Koffee Klub! Come and see our website.
Di4Pips Trek Tales Home of the original Top Ten Lists and some lovely J/C stories.
Angry Warrior's Fanfic One of my favourite writers, don't miss "Fallen Angel" and the "Un-fair Haven Saga".
Dakota's Startrek Voyager Lots of lovely fic including her enormously long  A/U saga - not to be missed! 
Diane's Website Originally hosted here Diane now has a page of her own.
Ammo's World Another pondie from JCUK. Ammo writes great fic!
Enchanted Moons My friend Tracy is a wonderful 'Imzadi' writer but now she has seen the light and also writes fabulous J/C and J/P stories. Take a look, you won't be sorry!
Blue Alert Looking for the steamy stuff? Written a hot fic? Check out Blue Alert, the NC-17 Fanfic Contest.

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