January 19 2004 Found another story on my hard drive. Command Style was entered in the Koffee Klub's Picnic Prose Prize 2001.
January 18 2004 Well it's been a very long time and there's still nothing much new - other than the fact that the site has undergone a complete redesign of course! Also I've added a few stories to the fanfic index that I found lurking on my hard drive during the redesign. The Struggle, Traditions, Searching, Stage Directions and State of the Art are stories from the JCUK advent calendars of 2000 and 2001. Sweet Sounds and Afraid are a couple of drabbles that I don't think have been seen on the web previously.
August 12 2001 A new story at last! Role Reversal was entered in the Koffee Klub's Picnic Prose Prize and won an award! Now the contest is over I can post it here so if you haven't read it already now's your chance.
June 11 2001 Ok, so it's been a while - sorry! There's a few new drabbles on my fanfic page.
April 22 2001 Finally got around to linking my first Imzadi Fic. Soul's Caress can be found on my fanfic index.
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