A Halloween Treat For You. Written for VAMB Secret Spook October 2005.

Disclaimer. Paramount owns ‘em, but they suck since they never did this with ‘em.

Coming Home


by Andrea

The illumination of a dozen candles shone on the sweaty bodies of the couple in the bed. She sat fully astride him as they slammed together in a sticky sweaty frenzy. They moved together to the symphony of their mutual shouts and moans of pleasure. The relationship was in its infancy but they already knew that in this way they were good together.

Her legs were strong and they held him in a vise-like grip as she rode him. This left her hands free to touch him and herself as much as she pleased. Which was a lot. In fact, she spent more time touching herself than him, but since she had such a tight little pussy, he didn’t really notice.

He raised his hips off the bed causing his stiff cock to go deeper. “Yeeees! Oh yes!” she moaned. “Take it,” he groaned urgently.

They were both close now. “Fuck me harder… yes! Fuck me,” she moaned as she pounded herself down on his cock.

This was pretty much the only way they were good together so they spent a lot of time fucking each other’s brains out. Always the breast man, he pinched and played with her nipples until they were almost cherry red. She constantly complained to him about how her tits were incessantly sore.

She complained about everything. All the time. Which is why they spent more time mindlessly fucking than talking, in the short time since they’d been in the Alpha Quadrant. He didn’t have to listen to her whine that way.

His mind wandered back to their days in the Delta Quadrant and suddenly he could feel that he was there, so he began thrusting into her willing body that much harder. He could tell she was ready too by the loud guttural noises emanating from her.

And then it happened. White-hot pleasure, bordering on pain, as they reached orgasm at the same time. The room was filled with a cacophony of their shrieks and cries. He held her hips down so she couldn’t move as he drove up into her and tugged a nipple between his lips and began to suck vigorously. Together they went higher and higher until they finally pitched over the edge completely. Then the clear shout of a name could be heard in unison, as they pounded against each other.


They both came back to reality with a thud. There was no afterglow for the couple or their newly minted relationship. It was as if someone dumped a bucket full of ice water on their ardor.

Chakotay and Seven stared dumbfounded at each other, with their combined juices spilling out of her, oozing over his hips and onto their newly purchased bedspread.

Panting from the physical exertion, he suddenly noticed the moonlight glinting off the titanium implants all over Seven’s glistening body. He’d never really noticed them before. Or more accurately, he was able *not* to see them, up until that point. A wave of nausea suddenly overcame him.

Chakotay squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the image of the clammy Borg on top of him. The thought that he had fucked another blonde Borg was almost his undoing. He tried breathing deeply to quell the bile rising to his throat. If he didn’t get hold of himself she was going to end up with chunks of vegetable stew on her shiny metal ‘enhancements.’

Oh shit! he thought as he felt Seven climb down and settle on the bed next to him. He could feel her staring at him intensely and he felt ashamed.

Kathryn. They’d both called out for Kathryn. He had been denying the fact that he still loved and desired Kathryn Janeway. Even to himself. Chakotay had actually managed to fool himself into thinking that he didn’t love her anymore. He had been lying to himself just as much as he’d lied to Seven.

And apparently as much as she’d lied to him. His stomach lurched.

He knew in his heart of hearts, that he could never get over his former captain. He just never had any idea that the woman he’d been fucking like a rabbit for the last few months had felt the same way. He thought he might laugh but was afraid he’d vomit instead.

His relationship with Seven had cheapened his love for Kathryn.

I’ve done it again. he thought miserably. I’ve fucking done it again.

The long silence was finally broken by Seven’s perceptive statement. “I believe that it may be time to reassess our association,” she said monotonously.

This time Chakotay did laugh. He laughed long and hard. It continued well after she’d risen from the bed and gone into the bathroom.

His laughter had begun to die down when he heard Seven admonish the sonic shower with her newfound vocabulary of swear words. “You are nothing but a mother fucker for malfunctioning at this time! And you are also a large piece of shit.”

He began rolling with laughter anew.

Nine weeks later.

The old fashioned wood door opened to reveal Voyager’s former XO standing on the porch, looking handsome as ever in his new civilian clothes.

“Hello Mrs. Janeway,” he said to the woman standing before him.

“Chakotay,” she acknowledged coolly. “Which one are you here after”? she asked with a hint of amusement.

“I’m sorry?” he said not understanding what she meant. “I was hoping to find Kathryn at home this afternoon.”

Gretchen stepped back and allowed him in. “Ah, so it’s Kathryn is it? Well in you’re in luck… *today*, ” she trailed off.

Chakotay had no answer for her question since he couldn’t imagine whom else Gretchen Janeway could be talking about.

He merely smiled at her. He thought he detected a slight shake of her head.

“Kathryn!” Gretchen called into the air. “You have a visitor.” A muffled response came from somewhere upstairs. She regarded him silently. He felt like a bug under a microscope.

Mrs. Janeway had not acted this way when they’d met previously. But that had been before Kathryn had had a chance to speak properly with her. By now Kathryn’s mother knew what a moron he was, and she had no compunction about showing him so.

“Poor befuddled Chakotay,” She said with mock sympathy and patted him on the shoulder. But before he could utter a response of any sort, there was a shout from Kathryn as she started down the stairs. “Who is it mother?” she asked without looking up.

“See for yourself, Katie,” Mrs. Janeway said slyly.

She came down a little further. Their eyes met. “Chakotay.” she said warmly, then flew down the rest of the stairs and pulled him into a huge bear hug.

He was momentarily thrown off kilter but quickly just decided to enjoy it and not question it. He returned the embrace with equal enthusiasm.

Finally, Kathryn stood back with hands still on his shoulders. “You look great,” she murmured. “Earth must be agreeing with you.”

Chakotay smiled and blushed a bit while pulling on his earlobe.

Here were both Janeway women staring at him. He looked great?!?! He didn’t think so. And suddenly he didn’t feel so great. Suddenly he felt like an awkward teenager with his first big crush. One flattering word. That’s all it took from this woman to make him lose his moorings. He knew that he needed to say something, he opened his mouth but nothing came out. He thought for a second that he might throw up on her. Oh wouldn’t that be terrific? he thought? Don Juan Chakotay blowing lunch all over his lady love. She’d forgiven him many things in their years together. Would she be able to forgive me that? He wondered.

“Hello? Chakotay…? Chakotay are you with me?” The amused voice of Kathryn Janeway broke him out of his stupor.

He physically shook himself back to reality then grinned at her. “Yes. Oh yes, I’m sorry. I’ve missed you and it wasn’t until just now on that I realized how much.” Kathryn smiled and they just looked at each other.

“Well that’s my cue to leave,” Mrs. Janeway said interrupting the moment. She made for the door. “Kathryn will we be seeing you at dinner?”

Kathryn looked her mother, whom she had forgotten was in the room. “I don’t know where I will be at dinnertime, Mother,” she said almost crossly. “So why don’t you just count me out?”

Gretchen nodded and Chakotay could feel the tension between mother and daughter. “Very well. If you change your mind just let me know later won’t you? Chakotay it was… nice seeing you again.”

He smiled at her with his dimples blaring. “Always a pleasure Mrs. Janeway.”

The dimples made Gretchen’s stomach do a little flippy flop. Well you’re never too old I guess, she thought as she opened the door.

“You two have fun,” she smirked and was out the door like a shot. Kathryn rolled her eyes at Chakotay and they both laughed.

“Oh, how are you?” she asked in a breathy manner. She gave him another quick hug. “Come sit with me,” Kathryn said excitedly, pulling him by the hand and leading him toward the kitchen.

“Your mother really seems to like me,” he said with the sarcastic humor that only she could understand.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s lost her mind.” Kathryn said harshly

He chuckled but it wasn’t like Kathryn Janeway to speak of her mother that way.

She motioned towards a table with comfortable looking chairs by the big picture window. “Have a seat.” Then crossed to the replicator. “At first I thought my mother had simply misplaced her mind. But now I know that… someone stumbled upon it and took it. I’m beginning to think it’s lost forever.”

She wasn’t joking, he knew. He decided to let that pass for now and to ask her about it later. He knew that if he gave himself half a chance he would chicken out of what he needed to do. He could already feel himself losing his nerve.

“Would you like a glass of iced tea? The usual blend if course.” She smiled at him and he felt his entire body flush with desire for her.

“That would be great, thanks,” Chakotay said. He was very hot and thirsty he realized suddenly. And it gave him a chance to look her over without her noticing.

He watched her as she replicated drinks and snack for them. Wearing a simple pair of jeans and white tee-shirt, she was even more beautiful than the last time he’d seen her, if that was possible. Then he remembered that the last time he’d seen her, he’d been with Seven, and he had tried not to look too hard at Kathryn for fear that he would see what he’d given up.

The memory steeled him for what he was about to do; made the butterflies in his nervous stomach go away – sort of.

Kathryn silently brought the tray over to the table and set everything out. He thanked her absently, his mind clearly elsewhere. Now it was her turn to sit and watch him. She did so over the rim of her coffee cup.

Finally she broke the long silence. “Look at you, you’re a million miles away.”

He looked at her sheepishly. “That noticeable, huh?”

Kathryn nodded. “Mmm hmm... so out with it. What’s up?”

“It’s difficult”, he began, but didn’t continue. She took his hand.

“Don’t you know you can tell me anything?” She asked softly, giving his hand a firm squeeze.

Chakotay laid his other hand over hers. “I do. I do know that I can tell you anything, but I don’t know how to begin to tell you about *this*,” he said quietly.

“Just do it!” She barked in her familiar command voice. He smiled and they laughed together at the quick little visit the Captain had paid them.

Her smile and the warmth of her hands gave him the courage and he finally blurted out the entire story. About how he’d screwed up by getting together with Seven, and all about the night that he and Seven had “broken up.”

Kathryn let him go on uninterrupted until he finished with a breathless, “I love you.”

“Oh Chakotay,” she said forlornly. Squeezing his hands again she went on. “I realize now why it was so hard for you to tell this to me, and I appreciate your honesty more than I can say.”

He squeezed back and looked at her hopefully.

“If only you’d come to me sooner,” she said regretfully.

Chakotay hadn’t known what sort of response to expect, but it sure wasn’t this.

“What?” he asked. He was as stunned as he’d ever been in his entire life. In or out of the ring. Or so he thought. Kathryn’s next words left him reeling.

“Chakotay,” she began softly. “Seven came here after… well you know. She’s already filled me in on the whole story from her perspective and… well…”

“Yes?” he asked in desperation.

“I waited for you – hoped you’d come to me… but you never did,” she said sadly.

“And?” he urged her to continue.

“Seven told me that she’s me in love with me that day.”

“No…Kathryn no.” he breathed and she nodded. “Like I said, I waited, but when you never showed up I decided to give a relationship with Seven a try.”

He looked horrified. “What?” he croaked.

She looked at him regretfully. We’ve only been together for a few weeks and now that I’ve fully committed to her, I can’t just walk away. I have to give it a chance. She placed her hand gently on his forearm. “I’m sorry Chakotay. I want you to know that if you’d only come to me sooner… I would have chosen a relationship with you.”

He felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. Kathryn and Seven? Together? It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be.

His blood was pounding in his ears and he was having difficulty breathing. He’d blown it again. He’d lost his true love when he’d gone off with another woman. Now he’d lost her again *to* that other woman. Irony was a sick motherfucker he decided.

Under the pounding in his head he could hear that Kathryn was saying something, but he couldn’t understand her. Shaking his head he said, “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

She was gripping his shoulders tightly. “I asked if you’re going to be alright. You look like you’re going to be ill,” she said worriedly.

Oh yeah. I’m just fucking peachy. I just found out that my girlfriend dumped me for the same woman I dumped her for. Why would I be ill over that? he thought crazily. That’s it! I’m going crazy. Crazy like my grandfather! It would certainly be a better reality than this!”

“I’m… ah… just a little surprised that’s all,” he lied. “I mean… you and Seven... I really don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’re happy for me,” she pleaded. But he didn’t know if he could do that.

“I don’t know if I can,” he said honestly. “I love you Kathryn, and I came here hoping that today would be the start of a new life for us together. And now… well I’m astounded. I mean, I was afraid of what I might hear today, but in my wildest dreams I never expected to hear this. Never thought you’d begin a relationship with Seven or any woman for that matter.” He shook his head. “I thought I knew everything about you, – certainly thought I knew you better than that.”

She began to say something but he cut her off cold. Chakotay got up and began to pace the kitchen. He needed to move while he continued his rant. “I needed to get my head together. I mean, my girlfriend had just cried out for you in orgasm! I needed to think, so I couldn’t come to you right away! How the hell was I supposed to know that it was going to be a footrace to your doorstep?”

He stopped with his back to her, because he could hear her sobbing and he didn’t want to look at her. He needed to hold on to his anger or he’d crumble and he couldn’t do that. He wanted her to hurt as much as he did.

He was such a prick. Here she was begging him to be happy for her and wish her well but he couldn’t see past his own anger and jealousy. How the hell could she think he could ever be happy with this? That he could accept this? Never!

Then another sob emanated from her and he turned to look at Kathryn, ready to let her have it.

And although tears were streaming down her face, she wasn’t crying. She was laughing – hysterically so.

And then it all slammed home for him. “You and Seven… you’re not really… together, are you?” he asked, glaring at her.

Kathryn threw her head back and roared at the ceiling. Holding her belly as she laughed, she managed to squeak out a barely intelligible “No,” before continuing her hyena routine.

Chakotay saw red. And he thought he’d been pissed off before! “What the hell is the matter with you? Did the two of you cook this up together?” he snarled at her. “Do my feelings mean nothing to you at this point?”

She wasn’t laughing as hard now, but the giggles certainly still had their hold on her. “Don’t you know what day it is?” she asked, wiping her eyes.

“Humiliate, then lose your best friend day?” he ventured. Steam might as well have been coming out of his ears.

“Oh Chakotay.” She got up and went to him. He tried to turn from her, but she was surprisingly strong. “Today is Halloween. You know; *trick or treat*.”

“And that was my trick I take it,” he said bitterly.

Kathryn nodded. “But more importantly it was also your punishment for keeping me waiting so long,” she said then grabbed him and kissed him.


Kathryn and Chakotay sat on the sofa in her mother’s living room now. It had taken her quite some time to calm him down – the kiss had in fact only wound him up more. It had taken her even longer to make him realize that she was serious about having pulled her little stunt in order to punish him for not coming to her immediately.

Once he understood that she had been genuinely upset, he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how she felt about him. She had been alternately hopeful and heartbroken since Seven’s bombshell. Kathryn had simply wanted to give him a taste of what she’d gone through. He supposed he deserved it, but he right now he really didn’t care. She loved him.

“My lord, Chakotay. I don’t know you survived in the Maquis. I can’t imagine you as the fierce and angry warrior that you’d have needed to be to stay alive.

“That was a long time ago, Kathryn. I kept my heart behind a carefully constructed fortress of ice… until you came along, that is.”

She eyed him carefully. “So what you’re saying is that *I* brought your heart out of its protective shield and exposed it to danger?”

“That’s right.” he agreed.

“So then by the customs of your very own people, I’m now responsible for that heart.” It was a statement, not a question.

“That’s right,” he repeated.

“And I suppose that makes you responsible for my heart since I’m busy with yours?”

He nodded. “Because your heart becomes vulnerable when you accept responsibility for someone else’s. Only one who has given their heart can be trusted to receive another’s in exchange.”

“Fascinating,” she said. “Even though I suspect you’re making that last bit up.”

Kathryn shrugged. “I’m afraid I haven’t treated your heart with the care it deserves. On top of which once I took yours out of the ice fortress, I put mine in its place.

“I haven’t treated your heart very well either,” he admitted. “I tossed it aside when you needed me to care for it the most.”

They sat in companionable silence thinking of the multitude of ways they’d hurt each other over the years.

“I’m sorry I tortured you,” she said running a hand through his hair. He looked at her through bleary eyes. “I think we can truly say that we tortured each other.”

“You always hurt the ones you love,” Kathryn quoted the old adage.

Chakotay looked like Christmas had come early. “You really love me?”

She smiled at him. “Of course I do. I have forever – to be more precise, I have loved you since the day you introduced me to my animal guide.”

He laughed. He remembered that day well. He’d watched her go into her trance and then he’d gone into one of his own. He already loved her by then. He’d gazed lovingly at her as he guided her through her first meeting with her guide. He’d been close enough to breathe in her perfume and feel the heat of her skin. Then B’Elanna had rung that damned door chime had brought them both back to reality.

“Having a good memory?” she murmured to him. Chakotay grinned at her then said, “A very good one. I’m trying to figure out the exact moment you fell in love with me.”

“Oh that’s easy. It was that sexy look on your face when I told you that you seemed like the bear type to me. And the even sexier way you told me that your guide wasn’t a bear and that you couldn’t tell me which animal it was.” His smile ramped up to full wattage. “Of course I know now that it’s a wolf.”

His big grin was overtaken by a look of confusion. “How do you know that?” he asked.

She comes to me sometimes when I visit my animal guide. A beautiful gray and white wolf.”

Now his _expression was one of complete shock. “She comes to you in your visions?” he asked wonderingly.

Kathryn nodded. “Sometimes, yes. She came to me a lot in the later years on Voyager. Although she stopped after we were rescued from Quarra.”

When I started seeing Seven, he thought with disgust. “She was probably ashamed of me and didn’t want to have to look you in the eye knowing that I was seeing…”

But she cut him off with vigorous shake of her head. She didn’t want to talk about that. He couldn’t blame her.

“You still visit your animal guide.” he said to change the subject.

“Mmm hmmm.” she said softly. “Although I have to say that as much as I love the little guy, I’d like to know who makes up these matches. I mean here you have this beautiful, majestic wolf and I have this little…”

“Green lizard!” he interrupted as he jumped to his feet. Kathryn sat up. “You’ve seen him?” she asked.

Chakotay nodded. He was pacing again. “I have. Many times he’s been in my visions. I never really knew why he was there. I didn’t start seeing him until we got home. I thought maybe he was Seven’s guide, but that idea had no sooner popped into my head then my guide laughed and told me that machines don’t have guides.

Kathryn’s eyes grew wide. “Wow, that’s harsh,” she said.

“Yeah, well she never fails to tell it like it is,” he said. Chakotay stopped in front of where she was sitting on the couch. “Kathryn, was it part of the joke when you said that Seven had been here?”

She shook her head. “Unfortunately not.”

Chakotay’s eyebrow shot up. “Oh? What do you mean by that?” He was trying to be blasé. She stared at him. “Do I really need to explain that?” she asked, and he laughed.

“No I guess not, but while some things are self evident, others are not,” he said hoping she would be more forthcoming.

“Such as?”

“I don’t know! That’s what I’m trying to get you to tell me!” he blurted out. They both laughed.

“Okay,” Kathryn relented. “What if I start from the beginning and just tell you everything?”

“Sure,” said Chakotay as he pulled up an ottoman and sat down on it directly in front of her. He was trying to act as nonchalantly as he possibly could. In truth he was dying to hear what went on. Especially now that he knew it hadn’t gone well for Seven.

“Well,” Kathryn began. “She showed up on the doorstep bright and early one day. That day just happened to be the day after your… um… interesting evening.”

Chakotay groaned. And she continued. “I was actually still asleep when she got here, so it was my mother who found her. By mom’s account she was very distressed, very emotional. So mom thought it was best to wake me.” Kathryn pulled a face. “I’ve finally learned to relax and sleep late and here’s my mother waking me up at the crack of dawn.”

He laughed. “Oh she must have been thrilled when you told her the reason.”

“Oh you’re going to *love* that part.” Kathryn told him. She continued. “So there I was in my pajamas and there was Seven looking anything but distraught. We sat down right here in the living room and she began to fill me in on what had happened between the two of you the night before.”

“Spirits, how embarrassing.”

She took his hand and rubbed her thumb gently over the back of it. “She went on to tell me that she loved me and wanted a relationship with me. Not only that, but that she had taken up with you because she hoped it would make me jealous.”

Chakotay snorted. “She used me to get to you? Well that just about makes my humiliation complete.” Kathryn ran her hand up and down his arm soothingly.

“I was jealous all right. Just not the way she wanted. I thought I might die the day I found out about the two of you.”

He leaned his head against hers. “Oh Kathryn I’m sorry. So very, very sorry.” It was his turn to sooth her. “She asked me out and I was so lonely. We’d gotten to know each other better on that planet, so I accepted. I didn’t realize it was so she could win your love.”

“That’s over now,” she whispered. “Seven also told me that she’d picked you because you were my best friend and she wished to study the assets that I admired in you. It seems she wanted to adopt them so I would find her more attractive.”

“And I enjoyed her company because she reminded me of you,” he told Kathryn.

She moved so that she could kiss him. It was a quiet slow kiss, the sort usually reserved for long time lovers, even though it was only their second kiss.

“So then what happened?” he asked her as he cupped her face in his palm.

“Really I just wanted her to stop talking. She had just finished telling me that you were crying out my name and in not so many words, that you *both* loved me. All I wanted to do was think about you and let it sink in that after all this time – you still love me.”

They smiled at each other.

“As for what happened with Seven,” she continued. “I was and still am very angry at her for hurting you. And for using you the way she did. And I told her so. She seemed to think it was all very innocent, which only pissed me off more. I mean really, do you think the doctor taught her that in one of those lessons?”

He laughed. “Somehow I don’t think so,” he said quietly. “So what else did you say to her?”

“I just told her that I didn’t feel the same way. I thanked her for telling me and explained that while I love her, I can’t *love* her. She wasn’t too happy to hear it.”

Good! Chakotay thought. But he didn’t say anything to Kathryn.

“She asked me if I was in love with you”.

This made him sit up straight. “And?”

“I told her the truth,” she said simply.

“And… what is that?” he was fishing.

“I said that yes, I was in love with you… *am* in love with you.”

His grin was dazzling. “You love me?

“Yes, I do.” she whispered to him. “I love you Chakotay. Have for a long time too.” This time he initiated their kiss. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her into his lap on the ottoman, all the while not missing a beat as he moved his tongue into her mouth.

He broke away to look at her. “When you say you love me, do you mean that you love me, or that you actually *love* me?” he teased.

“I love you *and* I love you,” she teased back. “But I hate that shirt you’re wearing.”

They laughed together “I’ll burn it later,” he said jovially. “Anything for you sweetheart.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that. Say it again.”

“Sweetheart,” he repeated.

“No, I meant the anything for you part,” she laughed. He joined her.

“That part goes without saying,” he said stealing a quick kiss.

“Ooh, I like that even better,” she said while he bit her earlobe. He moved down to her neck and spent a good while ravishing her throat.

“Chakotay?” she asked seriously.

He looked up at her. “What is it?” Their playful mood gone suddenly.

“Do you think we can make each other happy? We’ve hurt each other repeatedly and…”

He cut her off. “Of course we can make each other happy. I think if any two people have proven that their relationship is strong enough to last, it’s us. This thing with Seven only strengthens that proof.”

She smiled at him, but she still didn’t look certain. He kissed the tip of her nose.

“I know we’ve hurt one another, but we’ve always come back to each other. And that was during the worst of times. Now we’ll be together, as a man and a woman with no command structure. No one to tell us that it’s wrong to love each other. No reason to hide our feelings. We won’t have 150 lives depending on us. We’ll have only one another to take care of. Just the two of us… until the babies come of course.”

Kathryn started. “Babies? You want babies?” she asked as though she’d never considered it.

He frowned. “Of course I do. Don’t you?”

“I did. That’s a dream I gave up a long time ago.” she revealed. “Something I thought I’d never have.

Something else her years in the Delta Quadrant took from her, he thought painfully.

“But we’re home now and it’s still within reach if that’s what you want. We could have a house full of children. Or we don’t have to have any, if that’s what you want.”

She looked as if she’d just been given the last seat on an escape pod. “Oh no, I want babies, Chakotay. Your babies.”

He smiled brilliantly at her. “See? Look how happy you are! And we’re only *talking* about the life we’re going to have.”

She had to admit she was ecstatic. Here was the man she loved offering her everything she’d ever wanted. *And* she was awake.

“I thought these things were long gone for me,” she confessed. “So did I,” he admitted.”

“And now we’ll have them, together.” she whispered. “Together not as the captain and first officer, but as a man and a woman.”

“Husband and wife,” Chakotay said with wonderment as he took her face in his hands and kissed her once more. It went much farther than any of the previous kisses. Kathryn felt it all the way to her toes. Tongues became better acquainted. Lips moved against each other. Playful nips were given and received, as finally they moved from the final phase of friendship into a man and woman in love.

Chakotay broke the kiss and once again put his forehead against Kathryn’s. He rubbed his nose against hers softly while she ran her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. “Sweetheart,” he said. “I’ve already had my trick for the day. When do I get my treat?” She could feel his hard-on underneath her, pressing against her as she snuggled against him in his lap.

With a flash in her eyes, Kathryn said, “You want a treat? I’ll give you a treat right here and now.” With that she moved to the floor between the couch and the ottoman and tried to undo his pants. But he grabbed her hands and held them tightly in his.

“No! No, no, no, no…” he said as if he were trying to convince himself, not her. “I don’t want to do this here and have your mother come in and find us that way. “If she walks in and sees my cock engulfed in your mouth…” he grumbled. She already hates my ass.”

Kathryn laughed. “And it’s such a gorgeous ass.” she purred. “ I guess you’re right. If you can stand it, then I can stand it. Besides I haven’t gotten to the part of the story you’re going to love yet.”

Helping her up and to settle on the couch, Chakotay said, “Oh good, I was hoping you hadn’t gotten to that part yet.” He smiled. “Because so far most of your story about your conversation with Seven has sucked.”

She laughed with him, happy that they could joke about something so terrible together.

“So when we left off, you had just given Seven the heave-ho,” he said in a dramatic voice that reminded her a bit of the Captain Proton narrator. “So where did she go? What did she do?” he prodded.

“She moved in here. My mother felt sorry for Seven and has taken her under her wing.” This caused Chakotay, who was taking a sip of his tea, to sputter. “Wha… What?”

“You heard me,” Kathryn said angrily. “My mother invited her to move in here like we’re supposed to be one big happy family.”

Chakotay could barely believe his ears. “So the three of you are living here in this house?”

“No!” she said sharply. “I moved out. That’s why you found me here today. I’m here to get the rest of my things.”

“This is listed as your official address with Starfleet,” he said. He shuddered to think that he could have run into Seven here instead of Kathryn.

“Remind me to change that as fast as I can.” she said.

“What the hell is she doing staying here? This is *your house*, he sputtered angry once more.

“I think she’s here to be close to me. She’s convinced my mother that she has nowhere else to go. You kicked her out, didn’t you know? And she came to me, her true love, only to be turned back out onto the streets. At this point I think my mother resents me for not accepting Seven’s offer.”

“Surely that can’t be so. If you don’t love Seven you don’t love her. Why would your mother be angry about that?”

“She did mention that she felt I was wasting my time pining for you when I had someone right here who was dying to make me happy.”

Chakotay looked at Kathryn, agog. “She *wants* you with Seven?”

“Well it’s the perfectly obvious answer isn’t it? You’re a horrible person. Look what you did to Seven. Look what you did to me. We’re the injured parties, Seven and I. We have a lot in common.” she said bitterly. “Never mind the fact that Seven’s a woman and I’m not interested. Or that I felt like a mother to her for years. And certainly don’t think about the fact that I love you and you love me.”

Chakotay burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” She barked.

“You brought your own stalker back from the Delta Quadrant with you Kathryn,” he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes. “Oh wouldn’t the tabloids love that? I could give them an exclusive. Kathryn Janeway – ‘I liberated my stalker from the Borg!’ Think of the publicity!” She laughed in spite of herself.

“So that’s who your mother was talking about when I first got here.” he said but she only looked at him blankly.

“Your mother asked which one I was here after. And when I didn’t understand and asked if I could talk to you, she said something like, ‘oh it’s Kathryn you’re after.’”

Kathryn shook her head in disgust. “That’s who she was on her way to meet. They’re shopping for a Halloween treats for the neighborhood kids and a costume for Seven.”

“Why is your mother taking her out for tricks or treats?” They laughed again. It’s good to have someone who understands my sense of humor, Chakotay thought.

Kathryn grew serious. “I just want to get out of here and go home.” she said with exhaustion.

Chakotay nodded. “I understand. And am I ever glad I stopped you from going down on me.” he said with a shudder. “And by the way that’s the last time you’re *ever* going to hear me say that.” She laughed. “Hopefully it will be the last time you ever stop me too.”

He grabbed her and lavished another passionate kiss on her. “Although if you think we have enough time, we could leave a sticky surprise on your mother’s couch,” he said pinching her nipple.

“No,” she said pushing him away. “I’m sure Seven is rushing my mother through her shopping now that she knows I’m here. They could be back any time.” He pinched both of her nipples this time.

“We could give them a real Halloween treat,” he said lustfully. She giggled. “Chakotay, no! Let’s just go.”

With one last tweak he let go of her breasts. “Where are your things?”


They worked for some time to get Kathryn’s things packed and onto the transporter pads to send them to her newly rented home in San Francisco. They even moved some of the furniture.

They were slowed down a bit by the fact that they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. Chakotay wanted to fuck her in every room of her childhood home, and told her in great detail what he would do to her in the different areas. She didn’t know if she could ever again step onto the landing of the stairs without becoming aroused. He was particularly filthy in his explanation of how many times and ways he’d make her come in the bedroom where Seven was staying.

Once before she knew it, he had her bra undone and was fondling her bare tits before she could stop him.

Kathryn kept urging him to hurry. Not just because her mother and Seven would be returning soon, but because she was getting so horny that she was getting close to giving in to him. But things between herself and her mother were strained enough. She didn’t think having her mom walk in to see her bent over the couch in the living room, while Chakotay pumped away behind her, would help.

Finally once everything had been beamed over to the new address, it was time for the two of them. As usual Chakotay was trying to cop a feel, but she managed to dance away.

“Okay fingers,” Kathryn said giggling. “Up on the pad so I can send us home.” They had already decided that they would be living together. All that was left to do was collect his things from the storage facility where he’d left them.

Chakotay stepped up while she programmed the transporter for a delayed transport to the correct coordinates.

“So one of the perks of being a newly appointed admiral is that we’ll be able to transport right onto your bed?”

Stepping up onto the pad beside him, she grinned. “No, but we won’t be very far from it.” She took his hand just before they disappeared in the beam of the blue light.

The moment they arrived at their new home, Chakotay grabbed Kathryn and laid one on her. She responded with equal enthusiasm, moving her hand up under his shirt to caress his back. He moaned slightly as the tips of her nails moved lightly over his skin. Moving in closer, he deepened the kiss. Kathryn’s hands moved to his smooth hairless chest but they were hampered by the closeness of the embrace. Breaking away, she pulled the two halves of the garment in different directions, causing buttons to fly and leaving the shirt in tatters. Immediately she flung herself back against his chest, kissing and biting and sucking the soft skin she found there.

Kathryn latched on to one of his nipples and Chakotay hissed as she sunk her teeth, none too gently, into it. She felt frenzied. Like she’d never get enough of him no matter how hard she tried. As if someone were going to take him away before she could get her fill. Licking here, pinching there, she was all over the place and Chakotay finally held her head still and lifted her so they were looking into each other’s eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere love,” he said simply. She was breathing heavily as she considered his words. Then she nodded.

Instead of returning her hands to his body she began to remove her own clothes. Kathryn fixed her gaze on him and began to remove every stitch of clothing she wore. The shirt came over her head, and she remained transfixed on him. The bra came off, with no fanfare, but Chakotay thought he’d never seen anything so sexy as the simple way she’d dropped it to the floor. After kicking off her shoes, the jeans she was wearing hit the floor with the panties that had been underneath following. Finally she removed the band holding her hair in its ponytail. As it softly came down around her shoulders, he stood before him in all her glory.

Chakotay sucked in his breath. He hardened even more at the sight of her. “Oh Kathryn,” he said as he let it out. “In my fantasies you were always stunning. Always perfect. Now I see you’re so much more.”

She blushed furiously, but still she loved the feel of his eyes all over her body.

“Your nipples are pink,” he whispered in awe. As if he were admiring a work of art.

She looked down at them in confusion. “Yes. Is that… okay?”

“They’re amazing,” he breathed. “I’ve never seen nipples that color. That vibrant pink.” He had to touch one of them and he moved back into her grasp running his hand over her breasts. He pinched one nipple tentatively to see if it changed color, then a little harder. “Beautiful,” he said finally, lifting the globe and giving its peak a kiss.

“It’s a red-head thing,” she said huskily.

“Well that explains it,” he grinned. “You’re my first red-head.”

“Mr. I’m going to be your *only* red-head,” she said as she shimmied her way behind him. She gave his shirt a quick, violent tug, removing it from his arms where it hung. “Got that?”

She came back around to face him then tossed it over her shoulder as she looked up at him from under her lashes. The naked lust displayed so openly in her eyes blew him away with its intensity. He knew that she wanted him and there would never be another doubt. The desire was written in the way she stood nude before him. The way her eyes hungrily devoured his body. The way her lips were now devouring his as her hands roamed over his chest.

She could feel his heart beating and it made her feel powerful. She wanted very much to take the lead and assert herself so he would know how much she wanted him. But she could feel that he already knew this, by his response to her.

Kathryn moved her hands downward from his chest, down his belly to the opening of his pants. She moaned into his mouth as she felt that he was already so aroused that he was straining the material of his pants. They continued to kiss, caught up in the haze of each other’s lips, tongues and fingers. She made quick work of opening his fly, sending the jeans down to the floor, then tried to break the kiss to lower herself to her knees before him.

He stopped her. “No, no, no,” he whispered. And then began to kiss her again. Kathryn groaned. “I thought you weren’t going to ever stop me from doing that again,” she said against his lips.

He laughed against hers. “I wasn’t going to but that was back before I needed a shower. After moving all that stuff around I’d say I’m pretty close to unpleasant.

She tucked her nose into his neck. “You don’t smell bad to me,” she said nipping at his skin.

“Not yet,” he said disengaging himself from her to step out of his shoes and pants. “But once we get going I’m going to end up pretty ripe. I don’t think either of us want that.”

“How romantic.” Kathryn screwed up her nose in disgust.

He thought she was adorable. “Come on woman. Now that you’ve got me all naked, take a shower with me.”

Suddenly she couldn’t think of anything she’d rather do, so she led him to their bathroom and opened up the taps.

Kathryn looked over at Chakotay as she waited for the water to warm up to temperature. He had a goofy grin on his face. Surprisingly his grin made her bashful. She didn’t know why but nevertheless it did. She smiled back at him shyly. He was bringing up all kinds of feelings in her. Feelings she’d never really had for another man.

She wanted to take care of him. Pamper him. Show him how much he meant to her.

Tenderly she took his hand and led him into the shower then closed the door behind them. She looked at him, all nude and exquisite. “I’m going to bathe this gorgeous body,” she began as the steam swirled around them. “And when I’m done, you’ll decide what’s next. “

Kathryn took a squeeze of the bath gel and lathered it between her hands. Once she held a warm soapy mixture she began sweeping her hands over him. Slowly. Rhythmically. First his chest and shoulders then up over to his neck, even behind his ears. She tickled him gently there as she washed away the bubbles.

Kathryn looked Chakotay in the eye as she reached for more gel and worked it into a froth as she moved her hands over his wonderfully tight stomach. His penis was beginning to wake up and stiffen a bit. Biting her lip to keep herself in control, Kathryn began to work the bubbles down one leg. She wove her hands around his thigh and down over his knee and calf. Finally she knelt before him and gently lifted his foot.

Placing the foot against her chest, she washed his toes and tickled his arch. When she was finished with the first, she began the second. Kathryn moved her way back up Chakotay’s other leg, careful to avoid contact with his cock, which by now was wonderfully stiff.

Once she stood next to him once more, Kathryn held his gaze as she applied a generous helping of bath gel to her hand. Chakotay took the bottle from her and squirted some into his own palm.

She shook her head. “Hmmm mmm,” she murmured, trying to stop him. But before she could tell him that this was for him, he said, “I want to wash you. I want to touch you too.” His eyes were smoky with desire for her. She looked from his eyes to his hands and moaned thinking of what those hands could do to her -- were going to do to her. She shuddered visibly and he knew what she was thinking.

Chakotay began to caress her shoulders and neck. For a moment she stood perfectly still so he could touch her as he liked. She was at his disposal and they were both loving it. He brushed his soapy hands over her back and then back around to her stomach. When his firm, bubbly hands made it to her breasts, Kathryn caught her lower lip between her teeth as she gasped.

At the same time she took his rock hard cock into her foamy hands and began to rub him slowly from base to tip with both hands, one hand trailing softly behind the other. Her fingers delicately circled top to bottom and back again as she both stroked and washed his hardness.

For his part Chakotay was openly moaning as he continued to give Kathryn a breast massage.

As they continued to wash each other’s bodies tenderly, pre-cum began to leak from Chakotay’s cock. He was getting worked up fast. Kathryn noticed and began to work it in with the bubbles.

She knew the signs and wanted to finish bathing him before he came so she deftly spun him around so he was facing away from her. She quickly rinsed off her hands and squeezed out some more gel into them.

Kathryn began to massage his beautifully muscled back, spreading the lather liberally around. His back was as smooth and hairless as his chest, and she had a hard time containing herself.

She did not return her hand to his stiff cock. She wanted him to cool down a bit before she made him to come. Instead she squirted some bath gel directly onto the back of his thighs and as she bent to rub it in, she pressed her breasts against his back. Her hardened nipples moved down his heated skin as she washed his legs.

Chakotay had both of his hands on the wall to steady himself as Kathryn worked her delicious magic on him. His chest was heaving as he felt Kathryn’s nipples move up and down his back.

Now Kathryn was moving her warm soapy hands over his ass. She was pressed firmly against him as she pinched each cheek with lathered fingers, which then slipped over his crack. One working it’s way back and forth inside his anus.

Slowly and steadily her right arm snaked around Chakotay’s hip and found his engorged cock. She began to stroke him rapidly until she could feel him trying to catch his breath, which had become labored.

When that happened Kathryn’s finger began to search for his prostate. She knew she’d found it when Chakotay began to lurch and thrust into her other hand. “I’m going to come,” he groaned. His voice was shaky.

“That’s the point baby,” she said as she circled her finger over the sensitive gland a little faster. She began to kiss the back of his neck and she fingered and stroked her man into ecstasy.

Kathryn had just begun to suck on his earlobe when Chakotay started to come. Both of her hands worked even faster as he began to shake and stagger. Kathryn loved it. She continued her ministrations with a huge smile, caused by his lustful moans.

She tongue-fucked his ear and Chakotay came and came and came. He was beginning to think he’d never be able to stop. The finger Kathryn was moving inside of him was heightening his orgasm and making him quite weak in the knees as he splattered his hot cum onto the wall of the shower.

Her tongue moving in and out of his ear was fueling the fire and her hands were causing the explosion that was making him spew like a volcano erupting great jets of molten lava.

He was standing in the shower and he was dripping with sweat for Spirits sake!

When he was finished, Kathryn slipped around to face him. He was panting and his eyes were still closed. He heard her give a lusty laugh and he opened his eyes so he could look at her.

She smiled sexily at him then quickly tilted the shower head and began to wash his cum off of the wall. He watched her as she made quick work of it. When she had rinsed the wall thoroughly, she backed him up against it and began to kiss him.

Kathryn had moved the showerhead so the water poured over them as they kissed.

Chakotay could barely control himself. He knew that she was trying to make his ‘treat’ special, but he wanted nothing more than to push her up against the shower wall and ram himself into her. However her hand job had left him drained for the time being, so he’d have to come up with something else.

He moved his mouth to her neck and began to nuzzle her. He was rewarded immediately by a whimper of pleasure.

Kathryn reached for the shampoo and after squeezing a generous helping into her hand began to wash his hair. She massaged his scalp as he kissed her throat. She slipped her firm yet tender fingers through his hair and the sensation made Chakotay feel warm and completely at ease.

When it came time to rinse, Kathryn gently took his head in her hands and lifted the showerhead up above him. She noticed him smiling at her and she flashed him a wicked smile in return then began to rinse the lather from his hair.

Once he was clean, Kathryn reached for the water valves to turn them off but Chakotay stopped her. He spun her around and before she knew what was happening he had one arm around her while the other was adjusting the water to Kathryn’s level.

“I’m going to bathe you now,” he whispered sensuously into her ear. “You already bathed me,” she giggled as he dragged his fingers across her belly. She moaned as he kissed a particularly delicate spot on her tummy.

“I didn’t wash your back, or your hair,” he said softly. “And anyway, bathing you is just an excuse. What I really want is to get my hands all over you. To touch you the way you touched me.”

“Mmm, be my guest,” she sighed.

He began to soap her all over and her head fell back onto his shoulder. “I want you to enjoy your shower as much as I enjoyed mine,” he continued. Chakotay tweaked an already stiff nipple and Kathryn melted into him.

He took the opportunity to knead the soap onto her tits, using his palms to create a coarse feeling against them. His rough hands were counter-balanced by the slippery bubbles of the gel. It was a delightful contradiction and one that soon had Kathryn moaning steadily.

One hand left her breasts and his fingers continued to trail across her body, moving lower now to her belly. “And I not only want to pamper you but I want to make you come just as hard as I did.” His mouth moved to the base of her throat as fingers moved lower.

The frothy fingers on that hand found her clit at the same time the fingers on his other returned to twist back and forth on her nipple.

Chakotay moved his soapy fingers in time with each other circling both the nipple and the clit in the same rhythm. Slowly first, then faster and faster until she was writhing under his hands. He never removed his mouth from her throat as she thrashed about under his attention. She came with a shout as she held tightly to him to keep from falling over.

“You know,” he said when she finally stilled. “I can’t imagine why you prefer a bath to a shower after that.”

She laughed. “I’m much better in the bath. You should try me in the bathtub sometime.”

“Oh I want to, but if you’re really better in the tub than you are in the shower, I’m going to be a dead guy fairly soon.”

“Chakotay,” she murmured tiredly. “Rinse me off then take me to bed.”


As soon as they were on the bed, he began to kiss his way down Kathryn’s body. His mouth quickly found its way to the wetness between her legs. Chakotay lapped rapidly at her pussy with his tongue and she loved every second of it. His hands were on her inner thighs keeping them open as wide as she could manage. But it wasn’t enough. She needed more.

Kathryn moved her legs over his shoulders and was rewarded for her efforts when Chakotay dragged her even closer by her hips. His tongue slid as deeply into her as possible, making her scream in pleasure.

Chakotay was in turn rewarded for his efforts by Kathryn’s ceaseless whimpers as her orgasm began to rush over her. It was promising to be a strong, pulsing, all consuming wave of ecstasy and she welcomed it. Even worked for it by thrusting herself against his face.

Chakotay loved every moment of it as he felt her thrash wildly about. He would have smiled but he would have had to take his tongue out of her and he didn’t want to do that, yet.

He was more than mildly surprised to hear Kathryn Janeway whimpering and begging the way she was, but the shock didn’t dissuade him from the task at hand. After all, this was something he’d heard in his dreams for years.

Kathryn began to convulse with the hightened pleasure of her climax and Chakotay knew that now was the time to intensify his efforts.

Pulling his tongue out of her he latched on to her distended clit and began to suck strongly. He moved his head from side to side and moved his thumb up inside her, circling it around and around as he sucked. This was an old trick from the past which had a very real effect on the orgasm Kathryn was presently experiencing. She howled his name as she bucked against his face.

When it was finished Kathryn lay flat on her back, her body covered in sweat and her chest heaving. She rumpled Chakotay’s hair with the fingers on both hands as he continued to gently lap up her juices.

He was content to lay there sipping up all she had to offer but she still needed more. “Chakotay,” she moaned. “I want you baby. I need you inside of me.” So he moved up over her until his lips were hovering just above hers.

“I want you,” she whispered to him.

“I want you too, Kathryn,” he whispered in return. And then he slid to his home inside of her.

Chakotay pressed firmly up against her until the base of his cock was the only thing preventing further penetration.

Kathryn grabbed him roughly by the hair and kissed him then. He was sticky with her nectar and she lapped it as eagerly from his lips as he had from her pussy.

He used slow long strokes in and out of her. Each time the length of his cock created a sweet friction with her clit and it wasn’t long before he had her coming all over again.

Kathryn tore her mouth away from his and began to cry out.

Finally her cries turned to moans, then tapered off from whimpers, down to heavy breathing as she came down from the glorious orgasm he’d given her. When she opened her eyes, he was staring at her.

For Chakotay, watching Kathryn come was a thing of beauty and he doubted he’d ever get tired of the sight. Her face was flushed with pleasure, her skin moist from perspiration and her lips bruised from his kisses. It was all he could do not to come right there and then when he saw her satisfied smile.

Kathryn wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed back at him. “Are you ready baby?” she asked him.

Chakotay shook his head. “Wanna make you come again,” he grunted as he began to move within her again. She smiled. He’d just given her a second orgasm and he wanted to give her another before he took his own pleasure. Who was she to argue?

“I wanna come with you,” she murmured against his ear then rolled over so that she was on top. He groaned. She’d been so fast that he’d never even come out of her.

Now she was on straddling him, setting the pace of their lovemaking. He smiled up at her. It was a drowsy, half-lidded kind of smile and Kathryn thought she’d never seen anything so sexy.

Chakotay put his hands on her hips, but didn’t attempt to alter the pace that Kathryn had set for them, rather, he kneaded her rear as she rode him.

She bent down to kiss him and he playfully bit her lip. She just as playfully nipped at his nose, then trailed her tongue up over his forehead and deposited wet kisses on his tattoo. As she moved upward her tits moved along his skin. They were tantalizingly close to his face now and he tried to move so he could catch one in his mouth. Kathryn giggled at his vain attempt then slid a little further until his face was between her breasts.

“Is this what you’re after?” she asked huskily. His only response was to begin sucking hard at her nipples.

Kathryn rose and fell on Chakotay’s cock and he could feel her getting impossibly wetter and wetter. He was close now. “Gonna come,” he muttered.

“I know baby,” she said as she began to rock her hips faster against him. “I’m close too.”

But he was closer. He was going to come deep inside of her and if he was going to take her with him, he was going to have to take charge.

Chakotay flipped Kathryn onto her back so that he was once again on top of her, and rammed himself into her. It didn’t take long before he began to come.

Kathryn’s eyes were open and she watched as he emptied himself deep within her. The sheer sexiness of this man in the throes of his release brought her to her own climax and she joined him orgasm. This time only one half of the couple cried out Kathryn’s name.

In the final moments of their mutual climax, Chakotay collapsed against Kathryn. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. They lay there, arms, legs and lips intertwined.

After a time Chakotay rolled over to his side, taking her with him. He lifted his head and looked at her. “You have no idea how glad I am you didn’t call out your own name when you came.”

As they lay together in the bed. Kathryn ran her fingers lightly over Chakotay’s flaccid penis. “You like that, do you?” he asked “Mmm hmm,” she said. “I love it.” She began stroking him in her hand.

“No matter how hard she studied, Seven could never manage to acquire and asset like this,” she said as she gave him a light squeeze.

“For all her Borg ingenuity,” he replied. “But admit it, you’d have been impressed if she had.”

“Maybe. However at the moment, I’m more impressed with it right where it is.” She kissed him softly on the lips. But here’s what I don’t get,” she continued. “The Borg are supposed to have attained the most knowledge in the Universe, but she willingly gave *this* up... for me! I mean, I don’t have anything this good,” she said.

He smiled. “Yes you do. Different, but just as good.”

Kathryn and Chakotay made love all night long. They dozed on and off in each other’s arms and every time they woke they were both more aroused than before.

They did almost no talking and what little they did, was about how right this was and how sure they were that this was what they wanted; to be together.

Later they watched the sun rise as they lay clasped together cheek to cheek. Secure in the knowledge that they had finally come home to each other, they both fell into an exhausted slumber.


The old fashioned wood door opened to reveal Voyager’s former XO standing on the porch, looking handsome as ever in his new civilian clothes.

However this time it was Seven of Nine who opened the door.

”Chakotay, she said warily.”

“Seven,” came the curt reply.

She made no move to allow him into the house. “Can I do something for you?” she asked in her usual efficient tone.

“I’m here to see Mrs. Janeway,” was all he said.

Seven hesitated, then looking as though she were loathe to do so, opened the door and gestured for him to come inside. “I will go get Gretchen and let her know that you are to see her,” she said as she strode out of the room.

Gretchen, he thought angrily. The woman was his mother-in-law -- well almost. He’d never called her by her first name. Never had the chance, since he’d not spoken with her at all since the day he’d arrived on her doorstep all those months ago.

When it came to being stubborn, Kathryn and her mother could tie for the world’s record. Except neither of them would ever admit that and they would both die trying to outdo the other.”

Kathryn had left a PADD with all of her new information on it for her mother before she’d transported to the new place. But Mrs. Janeway hadn’t called. Never got in contact to see how her daughter was getting along in her new home. It was very unlike her mother, Kathryn said. Even Phoebe was puzzled by her mother’s behavior.

It was a sore subject for them, to be honest. The only sore subject that seemed to come up in the relationship. Otherwise they were doing fine and very happy.

Finally after a huge row, Chakotay found himself under strict orders not to talk about it. Kathryn’s attitude was; if her mother didn’t like the way she was living her life, that was too damned bad, but he knew that during their argument he’d given her food for thought where her mother was concerned.

About six weeks later Kathryn admitted that she’d left a transmission for her mother, who had not returned her call. Chakotay urged her to give Mrs. Janeway some more time, however it soon became clear that Kathryn’s mother was ignoring the call.

Calls as it turned out. Kathryn later confessed that she’d made several attempts to reach her mother, all to no avail. Phoebe reported that she’d tried to talk to Gretchen numerous times, but was only told that she had nothing to say to Kathryn at present.

Phoebe’s take on the situation was that Gretchen felt abandoned when Kathryn had moved out so abruptly. To which Kathryn would answer that she’d only moved out because their mother had moved Seven in. A move that had both daughters equally confused.

It was further reported, by Dennis, that every time they’d gone over for dinner, there was Seven sitting at the table like a member of the family.

This hurt Kathryn tremendously and she stopped trying to get a hold of her mother.

The rift with her mother was making Kathryn miserable. He’d sworn to his love that they’d live a happy life. . So, he was here today to put an end to all of it.

Seven reappeared in the living room. “I told Gretchen that you were here to see her. She said to please give her a minute or two and she’d be right out, “ Seven said in her usual monotone voice.

“Thank you,” he said out of common courtesy. They stood eyeing each other. “Seven,” he began. “You asked at the door if you could do something for me.”

She nodded. “It is a common question for greeting unexpected guests,” she said practically reciting one of the Doctor’s lessons.

“Yes it is,” he agreed. “But in this case, you really can do something for me.”

“And what would *that* be?” she asked sounding like she already couldn’t care less.

“Stop using Mrs. Janeway to get to Kathryn,” he stated flatly. “Stop hanging around here hoping for something that’s never going to happen and start living your life.”

Seven was angry now. “I am not using Gretchen,” she said raising her voice. “She has become like a mother to me and I’ve needed…”

“She’s Kathryn’s mother,” he interrupted. “And I really don’t care what you’ve needed.” He rounded on her. “You know I talked to your Aunt Irene last week. She’s very upset. She told me that she hasn’t heard from you since we went to visit her. That was almost a year ago!”

Gretchen Janeway stopped short before entering the living room. She had heard Chakotay and Seven arguing. She had intended to stop him from yelling at her, when he mentioned Seven’s Aunt.

Seven never mentioned Irene and Gretchen had assumed that they didn’t get along. But it seemed that was not the case.

“Why didn’t you go to her, after our breakup? After Kathryn turned you down? Why stay here?”

Seven had no answer. “My guess is because there was no reason for Kathryn to stop by Irene’s. So why would you want to waste your time there, when you could stay here and get to see her from time to time?”

“That is not true!” Seven exploded. “I genuinely like Gretchen. She has been very good to me.”

“I’m sure she has been good to you, which is why you genuinely like her,” Chakotay said calming down. “She’s a kind woman, but she’s Kathryn’s family. Your Aunt would have been just as good to you. In fact she wanted to be there for you,” he said quietly.

“I cannot just abandon Gretchen. She needs me as much as I need her.”

“There’s no reason that you and Gretchen can’t stay it touch. But it’s time for you to move on,” he said softly. “Family is important, that’s a lesson you appear not to have learned yet.”

Seven said nothing.

“Irene is anxious to have you with her. *She* needs you in her life. And Kathryn needs her mother now.”

“Chakotay.” Mrs. Janeway said announcing her presence, startling both of them. “Is something wrong with Kathryn?”

“No, Mrs. Janeway. Kathryn’s fine.” Gretchen made to say something, but before she could speak, he added, “I came to tell you that you’re going to be a grandmother.”


Kathryn opened the door to a surprise. Phoebe, Dennis and the kids were all outside. Each one was holding a tray of food.

“Surprise!” Phoebe said to her sister as she entered the house. “Damn girl, you get bigger every time I see you.” She kissed her sister on the cheek.

“What’s all this?” Kathryn asked, plenty puzzled.

Directing her small army into the kitchen, Phoebe said, “I thought we’d burst in on you and Chakotay without calling. But we brought dinner so that makes it alright.”

“I think we even brought enough for all of us this time,” Dennis interjected. “Now that we know of that monstrous appetite of yours.”

Kathryn laughed. “You know you’re all welcome any time,” she said. “But Chakotay’s not here. He went out… somewhere and I don’t know when he’ll be back.”

“I’m sure he’ll return soon,” Dennis said. “It’s getting close to dinner time. He’ll get hungry and want to come home for something to eat.”

“Not the way I cook, he won’t.” They all laughed.

Soon Kathryn and the kids were setting the table while Phoebe and Dennis laid out the food.

There was such a ruckus in the kitchen and dining area that no one heard Chakotay come in.

“Hello everyone,” he bellowed over the crowd. Everyone turned and said their hellos. Kathryn came over and gave him a quick kiss. He seemed not to be too surprised to see the rest of the family. And he was a little bit smirky.

“What are you up to?” she asked suspiciously.

“I brought a present home for you,” he said warmly.

“You did?” she fairly squealed. She threw her arms around him and kissed him again. “You didn’t have to do that, but where is it?”

He laughed. Chakotay knew well enough by now that here in the Alpha Quadrant she loved surprises. “It’s out in the living room,” he answered.

“Well let’s all go see what it could be,” Phoebe said.”

They all made their way out into the front room Kathryn waddling up behind the others. Then as if on cue, the family moved out of the way so that Kathryn could see her gift.

“Momma?” She didn’t believe it. “Katie girl,” Gretchen replied and the two women embraced. Tears were falling all around.

Chakotay finally let go of the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.

“Oh I missed you momma,” Kathryn said, choked up.

“I missed you too, my sweet.” She stood back and looked her oldest daughter over. “Look at you! You’re adorable.”

“I’m huge,” Kathryn moaned. But Gretchen only smiled. “Huge and adorable,” she said making an effort to compromise as she’d promised Chakotay.

Mrs. Janeway laid a hand on her daughter’s stomach. “Is my grandbaby awake in there?” she asked. She was very misty eyed.

Kathryn directed her hand up over the bump to an area just under her left breast. “Mom, this is my son,” she said softly. Then moving her hand lower and to the right, she said, “and this is my daughter.”

“Oh!” Gretchen cried in surprise. Then she laughed and patted Kathryn’s stomach. “No wonder you’re huge. Twins! We’ll have two sets of them now,” she said indicating Phoebe’s children. Tears were now mixed with her laughter.

“In exactly four more months,” Chakotay said.

“Why don’t we all go in for dinner,” Phoebe suggested. And everyone agreed making jokes about having to feed Kathryn’s newfound appetite.

“Just a minute,” Gretchen said taking her youngest daughter aside. “Are they married?” she whispered.

“No, they’re not.” At her mother’s sharp look she continued. “Katie didn’t want to get married without you, momma,” Phoebe said defending her sister.

“That’s very sweet, isn’t it dear? But we’re going to have to fix that, now aren’t we?”

“I don’t know about that mom, the last time it came up, Katie said she was too big to be a bride and didn’t even want to discuss it again until after the babies were born.”

She looked over to where Kathryn and Chakotay were standing. They were in a tight clinch and Kathryn was thanking him for her ‘gift’. Gretchen eyed them conspiratorially.

“Chakotay,” Kathryn’s mother said. “Why don’t you escort an old woman into dinner.”

“My pleasure Mrs. Janeway,” he said coming right over and holding out an arm to her.

She patted the outstretched arm before wrapping hers around it. “Call me Gretchen dear.”

The End