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First place in Black Coffee Contest

Rated NC17

“Hold on, Chakotay, someone is at the door.”  The chime interrupted the Captain’s briefing of her First Officer.

Voyager was in orbit and the Captain and her Chief Engineer had just finished up three very successful days of negotiations. Kathryn was relaxing in her assigned suite, finishing up some small details before her leave which was scheduled to begin in the morning.  Some of the crew were already enjoying shore leave, including Tom who had joined B'Elanna only an hour earlier. Kathryn had been going over the day's activities via comm link with Chakotay when the door chimed.  She opened it to find a young servant carrying a tray.

“Captain, Minister Handuos noticed that you particularly enjoyed our munitas brew and thought perhaps you would care for some before retiring.”

“How very kind of him.”  Kathryn stepped back and allowed the young woman to enter.  “Please put it on the table.”

“My name is Winnian.  If you require anything else this evening simply use this device and I will be at your service.”  The young woman handed Kathryn a small round disk.

“Thank you.  Please tell the Minister I appreciate his kindness and that I will see him in the morning.”

Kathryn closed the door behind the Winnian and returned to pour herself a cup of the brew, breathing deeply of the rich scent as she kicked off her boots.

“Oh, Chakotay, this is heavenly.”

“I presume that’s the coffee drink you were telling me about.”

“Oh, god, yes.”  Kathryn sat on the couch and curled her feet under her, as she again deeply inhaled the rich aroma.

“Kathryn, are you still with me?”

“Oh, yes, sorry.”  Kathryn took another sip of the munitas and sighed.


“Ummm, yes, where were we?”


“Oh, yes, we will be able to secure most of the engineering supplies B’Elanna wanted.”  She sipped her drink.  “Ummm, this is so good."

"So you mentioned, although you didn't say how distracting it was."

"I'm not distracted -- I'm... relaxed."  Kathryn took another sip.  "Now where were we?

"Supplies?"  Chakotay laughed.  "You don't sound very interested. Perhaps I should stop bothering you."

"No, I love when you bother me."  Kathryn's laugh was deep and sultry.

"Kathryn, supplies?  Are we getting what we need?”

“I’m sure not.”  Kathryn groaned.  “Oh, you mean supplies?”

“Yes, Kathryn.  Just a simple yes or no will do."

"OK.  Neelix should be very pleased with the food stores. We will also be taking on several new varieties of plants.”

“One that produces that drink that has captured your attention.”

“Yes, several of those.”  Kathryn laughed.  “Jealous?”

“Of a drink?  I don’t think so, but I do miss you.”

“Oh, this isn’t just any drink.  This is hot, rich, dark perfection.”

“It’s only coffee, Kathryn, or something just like coffee.”

“Oh, it’s more than that!” Kathryn poured another cup. “You know, this actually reminds me of you.” Kathryn purred as she fondled the warm cup.

“The coffee thing?”  Chakotay laughed.

“Yes.  It’s rich and thick, and a deep, soft chocolate brown, just like your eyes.”  Kathryn took a long sip.  “It smells so good and ummm, I can feel it spread its warmth deep inside.”

"Are we still talking about a drink?"

"Well, yes- at the moment.."  Kathryn grunted as she stretched, to reach the device, Winnian had given her.

"Something wrong?"

"Just can't reach this thing."

"I could come down and help you."

"It's OK, I've got it."  Kathryn activated the device and the young woman appeared almost instantly.

"May I be of service, Captain?"

"Winnian, yes, thank you.  Could you please bring me another carafe of this?"

"Yes, Ma'am.  It will only take a moment."

"Now, where were we?  Yes, you offered to help me."  Kathryn answered the door allowing Winnian to place another larger carafe on the table and leave just a quickly as she came. "Why is it that you are still up there, anyway?"

"Because you are down there and Tuvok isn't on duty for six more hours."

"Yes, well, I need you here."  Kathryn allowed the steam from the carafe to warm her face.

"I'll be there as soon as Tuvok reports for duty."  Chakotay could hear her moving about.

"Who's on duty now?"  Kathryn put down her cup long enough to toss away her jacket and pull her turtleneck over her head.

"Harry."  Chakotay knew the muffled sound of her voice meant she had removed her comm badge with her jacket and was now probably discarding her turtleneck.

"Oh, for god's sake.  Harry is capable and we are in orbit!"  Kathryn stood and removed her trousers.

"Kathryn, what are you suggesting?"

"I'm suggesting you come down here and share this luscious experience with me."

"Are we still talking about coffee?"

"Ummm, well maybe I'll share that too."

"Kathryn, what has gotten into you?"

"Nothing."  She laughed. It was a deep throaty laugh, the kind she knew could made Chakotay shiver. "Nothing has gotten into me- not in days.  Maybe that's the problem."

"Kathryn, I don't believe this."

"Neither do I actually."  Kathryn purred as she held the badge closer and softened her voice.  "I'm lying here horny and naked on this couch.  I have already suggested you join me.  Do I have to make it an order?"

"Kathryn, what is in that drink?"

"I have no idea, but it feels wonderful." Kathryn moaned.  "Won't you join me?"

"I can't, not until Tuvok comes on duty."

"I'm not interesting in how or when Tuvok comes, but I do need you.  The coffee is wonderful but it can only provide so much-- stimulation."

"Damn." The husky sound of her voice was more than enough encouragement, but combined with her comments and the vision of her current state of undress it was almost unbearable.  "Kathryn, hold on to that comm badge."

"It just doesn't do it for me, Chakotay."

"Funny.  Oh, grab the coffee too."  Chakotay cut the link.  "Chakotay to transporter room two."

"Simmons here, Commander."

"Lieutenant, the Captain is in the Minister's palace. Please lock on to her comm badge and beam her directly to my quarters."

"Aye, Sir." The Lieutenant did nothing to disguise the giggle bubbling in her throat.

It took only a few seconds for a very naked Kathryn to materialize on the floor of Chakotay's living area.

"Hi."  Kathryn put the badge on the floor next to the carafe of coffee and smiled.

"Hello.  I guess you weren't kidding."  Chakotay still couldn't quite believe this, even seeing Kathryn sprawled out naked on the floor in front of him.

"Oh, I am quite serious and you are quite over dressed."  Kathryn crawled on hands and knees to where he was standing.  "Too many clothes."

"Kathryn."  Chakotay's breath caught as she climbed his body to stand before him.  "I'm only wearing sweat pants."

"Good." Kathryn breathed into his mouth as her lips moved against his. "I need you now."

Kathryn breasts pressed against his bare chest as her hands sought to free him from his sole article of clothing.  Her mouth captured his as she reached below the waistband, anxious fingers caressed him as the material slid slowly down his legs. Chakotay tasted the richness of the coffee as her soft lips parted and her tongue eagerly sought contact with his. She tasted sweet and hot, her smell was intoxicating and Chakotay didn't care anymore what brought her to this point, only that she was here - with him.

Chakotay moaned as Kathryn's delicate fingers stroked his titanium hard member and she gently eased him back toward the bedroom.  Chakotay allowed her to push him down on the bed, watching through hooded eyes as she knelt over him.  He could feel his whole body tense in reaction to the look of undisguised lust in her eyes and his breath quickened.  Chakotay knew this Kathryn well, she would have what she wanted and he would enjoy it thoroughly.  He groaned as Kathryn’s hair trailed tormentingly over his body and her hot mouth closed around him.  A growl escaped from deep in Chakotay’s throat, as she sucked him deeply, her tongue anointing him with tantalizing touches. Chakotay's fingers were in her hair. He thought to stop her yet his hips instinctively thrust against her.

“God, Kathryn..”  He hissed through clenched teeth.

Knowing just how far she could push him, Kathryn released him and began a slow teasing journey back to his lips. Her mouth moved over his belly and up his chest stopping to suckle a tight flat nipple before reclaiming his mouth.  Their hands moved, touching, stroking, stimulating every sweat drenched piece of flesh within reach, until panting with mutual need, their mouths finally joined and their tongues dueled again.  Chakotay pulled her tightly to him, holding her still in an effort to regain some control as their hearts pounded in a rapid synchronized rhythm.

Kathryn was kissing him softly, sharing breathy words of love that blew across his lips as she slowly rose up to straddle him.   She pulled back and watched his reaction as she dragged the head of his penis through her sodden folds and slid over him to slowly impale herself.  Chakotay moaned, his fingers blindly moving up her inner thighs to bury themselves in her moisture-laden lips.

At his insistent touch, Kathryn writhed, her inner muscles gripping him tightly.  Gasping, she was unable to keep her rhythm as the growing intensity of his fingers on her most sensitive flesh drove her rapidly toward the edge.

Suddenly, Chakotay grasped her hips and rolled her down to the mattress. He was in charge now and Kathryn whimpered and rocked against him as he set his own rhythm of long deep thrusts. Kathryn moved with him as best she could urging him on, begging for more as her climax grabbed her and hurled her through crystal starlight. She was crying his name as her muscles contracted around him plunging him into the void after her. Chakotay held tightly to Kathryn as they shuddered through the intense waves of mutual orgasm.

"Kathryn?"  Chakotay rolled them to their sides, spreading kisses across her face as she clung tightly to him, her body rocking with aftershocks.


"There is something in the coffee."  He felt her chuckle against his chest.

"I think you might be right."

"You didn't spill it did you?"

"You know me better than that."  Kathryn sat up indignantly.  "Would you like some?"  She smiled at his nod and slipped out of bed.


"Tuvok to Captain Janeway."

The call startled them both into awareness.  Kathryn sat up taking in her surroundings and tried to keep from laughing at the smirk on Chakotay’s face.

"Janeway here."

"Good morning, Captain.  It seems the Minister has been looking for you for some time now and only now, two hours later has he contacted the ship for assistance."

"Oh, I.." Kathryn looked at Chakotay with wide eyes and then slapped a pillow over his face to hide his smirk.  "Please send my apologies to the Minister.  Tell him I was a bit... err-ill at ease last night and returned to the ship in the hopes of resting better. I will meet with him in one hour."

"Aye, Captain.  Tuvok out."

As soon as the computer signaled the link closed, they broke into uncontrollably laughter.

"Ohmygod.  What must the Minister think?"

"I wonder if he knew about the effects before he sent you the coffee."

"God, don't make this worse!  How can I ever face him if he knows why I left?"

"I'll be there with you.  Remember I was supposed to join you today."

"Yeah, that and the stupid grin on your face will help a lot."  Kathryn rolled off the bed.  "Let's go.  We have a meeting in an hour."



"Minister Handuos, I'm sorry..."

"Understandable, Captain."  The minister looked at Chakotay and smiled.  "Quite understandable."

"Minister, you've met my first officer, Chakotay."  Kathryn blushed bright red as the men exchanged a knowing look and she realized the minister had known all along.

"I should apologize to you, Captain."  The clear blue eyes that seemed to see into her soul reflected anything but regret.  "I knew of the effect the munitas plant has on some other races, but you enjoyed it so and didn’t seem to ... suffer any effects.  I didn’t feel it necessary to warn you."

"Well, I suppose it was a delayed reaction.”  Kathryn took a deep breath.  "No harm done."

"Good.  Does this mean, however, that you will not be taking the plants you ordered?"  He smiled as she hesitated.

"I could not allow this beverage to be widely used aboard my ship.  You understand the chaos it might cause."

"Yes, certainly-- I will have it removed from..."

"Perhaps.” Chakotay interrupted glancing quickly at Kathryn; she nodded. "Just a few plants -- the Captain was partial to the - flavor."

"As you wish, Commander."  The minister made a note on the padd.  " Shall I will have them wrapped and delivered to the Captain’s quarters?”

“Excellent idea, Minister.”

Chakotay and Kathryn watched as the Minister made a few more notations on the padd.  When he finished, he handed it to Kathryn.

“Captain, if you will review and approve the changes to our agreement, I believe our business will be concluded and you may commence that shore leave we spoke of yesterday.”

“Thank you, Minister.”  Kathryn took the padd and reviewed it while the men talked quietly. Placing her thumbprint at the end, she handed it back to the Minister.  “Now, I think I could use a little down time.”

“Captain, Commander enjoy you leave.  I will see that Lieutenant Tuvok receives our full cooperation in your stead.”  The Minister nodded and left them with a smile.

“Let's go, Kathryn.”

“What’s the hurry?  We haven’t even decided where to go yet.”

“I think we have.”  He held up a padd.

“What is that and where did you get it?”  Kathryn shook her head and smiled.  “And why do I smell a plot?”

“It’s a padd and the Minister gave it to me.  It’s a map to his private, very secluded, hot spring where the munitas plant grows wild.”  He laughed at her open mouth and bright pink cheeks.  “But if you’re not interested…”

Without another word Kathryn grabbed his hand, scanned the padd quickly and pulled him along behind her.

The End

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