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It’s crew evaluation time again and the Captain is faced with evaluating a fine first officer. 

Plot by Dakota  
  What Plot by KJ 
Second place in Janeway Chakotay and Honorable Mention in bath time


“Janeway to Chakotay.” 

“Chakotay here, Captain.” 

“I know it’s a bit late, Commander, but I need to discuss crew evaluations with you. Would it be all right if I bring the files to your quarters so we can go over a few questions I have?” 

“Of course, Captain.” 

“I’ll be there in a few minutes then. Janeway out.” 

Chakotay waited for Kathryn rather curious about her request. He thought they had finished the last of the crew evaluations during their afternoon conference. They must have missed something. He stood as the door chimed and went to get them drinks from the replicator. When he turned around he was surprised to see she was in civilian clothes and was making herself comfortable on his couch. 

“Did we miss something on some of the evaluations, Kathryn?” 

“No, we missed one evaluation completely. Yours.” 

“I thought you would be doing that and simply telling me your conclusions. It’s what we’ve done in prior years.” 

I decided I wanted to do your evaluation in person this year. I can just edit last year’s evaluation if I’m going to follow the same procedure and that would be a waste of time. So I decided to make it more personal this year. I know you carry out orders, read more than your share of reports, handle all the personnel problems including the ones I should probably have to deal with and that you watch out for your captain. You’re an excellent first officer and I expect you to maintain that performance level in all areas. I need to evaluate your performance on a more personal level.” 

Chakotay looked askance at Kathryn. What exactly was she saying? 

“How do you plan to do that, Kathryn?” 

"I’ve decided to let you define the specifics but I will give you a general idea of what I expect. No restrictions; no time limits; no parameters. I want you to show me now how you would really like to treat your captain. Ok, where do you want to start?” 

Chakotay hesitated. If he misunderstood her meaning, he would be in the brig within the hour but if he was correct, this would be a night to remember! 

“How about we start with a backrub?” 

“Fine with me. I think the bed is easier for that. I’ll go in there and get ready.” 

She disappeared into his bedroom before he could open his mouth to reply. Oh, yes, tonight was looking better and better all the time. 

She covered the spread and quickly undressed, so that she was lying naked on her stomach waiting for him when he came in.  He straddled her, supporting his weight on his knees as he gently moved her hair off her back.  He started with her shoulders kneading his way across and down each arm before returning to her shoulders, neck and then making his way down her back, slowly deliberately working each muscle.  She was even more relaxed now; an occasional groan escaped from her as he worked a particularly tight muscle in her neck.  Leisurely he worked his way down her leg, taking care to thoroughly massage each foot before working his way back up the other leg. She'd grown so calm and quiet and her breathing was so even that he thought she had fallen asleep until he massaged her buttocks. That gentle pressure was rewarded by a soft moan.  He continued kneading the muscles of her lower back. When he shifted his weight forward to move higher again, she took the opportunity to roll over and face him. 

“You’re overdressed, Commander. Lose the clothing if you want the rest of this evaluation to go as well as it has started.” 

“Aye, Captain.” Chakotay quickly stripped and returned to his previous position above Kathryn. She reached toward him her fingers caressing his thighs, her eyes locked with his.  He massaged her shoulders. Raising her arms above her head, he worked his way up toward her hands leaning down to capture her mouth with his own.  Releasing her hands, he moved back to his knees before running his palms across her nipples. When he bent to suckle one breast while massaging the other, her arms dropped back to the bed and soft moans escaped her lips. She closed her eyes sighing as he gently moved his hands over her flat stomach. He worked his way across her hips and she parted her thighs as his fingers grazed over them.  He massaged her legs down to her knees before moving more gently up her inner thighs.  She gasped as he reached the auburn curls and thrust her hips up to meet his hands. He brushed his fingers lightly across her mound, causing her to moan and rotate her hip in an effort to increase contact. He watched her writhe against his hand for a moment before he moved up to recapture her mouth with his own. 

Kathryn grabbed at him, pulling him into greater contact with her body. While her lips responded to his, her hands caressed him.  She reached for him but he again pulled away from her grasp. Releasing her lips, he returned his concentration to her breasts.  He gently rolled an erect nipple with his tongue, alternately sucking and nipping it before sliding his hand down her body. She arched her back groaning as he again slid his hands between her legs. Kissing and licking a trail to the top of her curls, his hands parted her thighs, his fingers seeking her moist center.  Warm breath blew across her causing an involuntary shudder as she arched toward him. Her body begged him for more. Her fingers entwined in his hair alternately pushing, pulling, grasping, and seeking to guide him as she tried to force the contact she so desperately craved.  Slowly, torturously, his fingers slipped through the soft velvet moisture, touching, teasing and fueling her burning desire.  Slowly he slid lower, spreading moist open kisses along her inner thighs, nibbling, sucking, and licking a path to where his fingers gently opened her to him.  She cried softly as he tasted her, broad strokes lapping the sweet salty juices, gradually swirling his tongue toward her aching bundle of nerves. Darting and teasing,  she gasped, writhing beneath his delicious assault as he brought her to the edge only to ease her down again and again until she cried out, pleading with him -- begging him for completion.  Again the tip of his tongue traveled teasingly the length of her, licking and stroking before returning to flick at her center; three fingers entered her as warm moist lips enclosed her, thrusting, sucking and licking, while she bucked against him until she screamed her release. 

He moved along side her, holding her and gently kissing her face as she regained her breath.  She tasted herself on his lips. She traced their outline with her tongue, licked her juices from his face and pulled him closer to kiss him deeply.  She slid her body down his. She wanted to taste him quickly but she moved slowly -- teasing, touching and tasting -- languidly covering every part of him with warm soft kisses, gentle nips and moist licks. She covered every part of his body except where he wanted her most. She watched him now as he had watched her, his eyes were closed and his hands tightly fisted; she noted the rapid movement of his chest as she spread his legs and moved between them.  He gasped as her nails grazed the inside of his thighs followed closely by her tongue.  Something like a growl escaped him as her fingers closed around him and her tongue sought to taste the drops of escaping fluid.  Her lips closed around him as her tongue savored the salty taste of him; suddenly she encased him fully in the rich velvety moisture of her mouth sending a tremor through his body as it started moving of its own accord, first rocking then thrusting against her. His breath was coming in short gasps.  He groaned with displeasure and incompletion when she released him. 

Straddling him she bent to cover his mouth, smothering his moans.  Her fingers stroked him as she guided his length toward her and positioning him so she took him in slowly savoring the sensation of his pulsating fullness as she gradually eased herself upright.  She held still for a moment than raised and lowered herself, slowly at first then quickening her pace until he joined her thrust for thrust. Together they established a frenzied rhythm.  His one hand stroked just above their joining while the other gripped her hip.  Frantically she ground her body onto his, crying out as she threw her head back and her body convulsed as her inner muscles gripped him.  He gripped both her hips, slamming into her just two more times before he cried her name as his own climax ripped through him.  She collapsed on his chest, unwilling to move and not at all sure she had the strength to do so. 

"Hey, have you finished my evaluation yet?"  He rubbed her back trying to see whether she was awake. She shifted slighted and moved off his body to snuggle at his side, her head on his shoulder.  Together they drifted off to sleep. 


Chakotay awoke the next morning to find Kathryn sprawled over his body.  He debated whether to wake her and finally decided that they were both fine just as they were - at least he would be if he could move his arm a bit.  Gingerly he shifted it from under Kathryn's body.  She stirred sleepily. 


”Have you finished my evaluation yet?” 

Kathryn signed contentedly and moved closer luxuriating in his warmth.  Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment, then shoved at his arm. 

"Get up." 


"I said, 'get up'. Now, Commander!" 

Chakotay climbed from the bed and started searching for his clothes. 

"What are you doing?"  Kathryn's voice was puzzled. 

"Looking for my clothes so I can dress and leave.  Isn't that what you want?"  Confusion was clear on his face and in his voice.  Kathryn explained gently. 

"These are your quarters, not mine.  All I said was get up.  I want to conduct another phase of your evaluation and now is as good a time if any.  Come on."  Kathryn led a still confused Chakotay into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  When it was hot, she stepped in and pulled him in after her.  She picked up the shampoo and handed it to him.  "You can start by washing my hair.  If you do a good job, I'll let you wash the rest of my body.  If you do that properly, I'll return the favor.  Think you're up to this?"  She glanced down and then up to his eyes.  "I thought you would be." 


Over an hour later, Kathryn exited her bedroom to find her breakfast, a hot cup of coffee and her first officer waiting.  All three looked good. 

"Captain, have you finished my evaluation yet? 

“No, I think this is just the preliminary phase. It might take quite a while to complete your evaluation. I hope this isn’t a problem for you, Commander.” 

“No problem whatsoever, Captain. It will be my continuing pleasure.” 


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