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Painting De'feet
Fifth place in bath time

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The captain and commander were returning from a meeting with the Rosellian Ambassador.  They had no sooner materialized than the captain doubled over with laughter.

“Nice, Kathryn.”  Chakotay shook his head as he stepped off the pad.

“I can’t help it.” Spotting the quizzical look on the face of the transporter operator, she tried, not to successfully, to control her laughter.

“You could be a little understanding you know.”

“Oh, I’m very understanding.”  She laughed again.  “I completely understand that you lost and now, I expect you to pay up.”

“Don’t I always pay my debts?”

“Yes, and I am so looking forward to this one.” She realized they were still standing in the transporter room, their entire conversation being absorbed by the ensign on duty. “Thank you, Ensign.”  She tried to recover, quickly nodding in his direction.  “Commander, I’ll be in my quarters when you are ready to settle up.”  She managed to contain her laughter almost all the way to the lift.

“Ensign.”  Chakotay laughed and shook his head again.

“Yes, Sir?”

“A word of advice, Ensign.  If the opportunity ever arises, don’t make a bet with that woman; she never loses.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Ensign Wilton didn’t think the consequences could be too harsh as he watched a still smiling commander head for the lift.


The Roselle were a friendly people, and for a change a remarkably attractive humanoid race.  The Ambassador, when he appeared on the view screen, made quite an impression on the bridge crew with his striking good looks and openly flirtatious manner.  He was a tall man, broad and dark complexioned with a magnetism that left no one unaffected.  His jet-black hair was thick, wavy and almost shoulder length, his deep piercing blue eyes captivated everyone they settled on.

“Captain Janeway, it is a pleasure to meet you.” His warm smile was enough to melt the screen.  "My assistant has told me your remarkable story; we would be honored to be of assistance to such worthy people."

"Thank you, Ambassador, your people have been very gracious and we look forward to meeting with you personally." She watched his eyes drift to her left settling, with a smile, on her first officer.  "Ambassador, this is Commander Chakotay, my first officer."

"Commander, I hope you will avail yourself of our hospitality also."

"Yes, Ambassador, I look forward to it." Chakotay nodded almost blushing under the intense gaze.

"I understand you are a paleontologist, we have many interesting sites here; perhaps I will get the chance to show them to you."

"I would welcome the opportunity to study your culture, Ambassador."

"And I yours, Commander."  Slowly, he turned his attention back to the captain. "Captain, it is our custom to nourish our visitors prior to undertaking business.  I would be honored if you would share my afternoon meal.  Please feel free to bring along any necessary members of your crew, we can easily accommodate many."

"Thank you, Ambassador.  We will begin with a small team, Ambassador Neelix, my chief engineer, Lieutenant Torres and ..."  She saw his eyes drift left, disappointment evident on his face.  "the commander and myself." His eyes returned to the Captain along with his smile.

"I look forward to it, Captain, the proper coordinates are being transmitted now."  With a nod of his head he ended the transmission.

"Captain, I have received the coordinates."  Harry reported.

"Thank you, Harry.  Please forward them to transporter room one. Mr. Tuvok you have the bridge, please inform Mr. Neelix and Lieutenant Torres that we will depart in one hour.  Commander, my ready room, please."  She said it all in one quick breath, barely suppressing a very uncaptain like giggle.

A chorus of ayes and the commander followed her to her ready room.  Kathryn crossed directly to the replicator and ordered them tea and coffee, all the while chuckling to her self.

“All right, you are having too much fun here.  What is this all about?”  Chakotay took the tea and sat beside her.

“Please.”  Her eyes danced with laughter over the rim of the cup.

“What?  You melt into your chair when the man appears on your view screen and then you drag me along for – what protection?”

“Protection?!”  She choked on her coffee.

“Yes, and I’m not too sure who needs it more –you or him!”

“You aren’t serious, are you?” She put her coffee on the table to keep from getting burned.

“Kathryn, you gasped when you saw the man for spirits sake!”

“He is breathtakingly beautiful, I’ll give you that, but he certainly isn’t interested in ME!”

“He had a look that could cause a person to burst into flames.”

“Yes, but it wasn’t me he was looking at.”  She laughed when this time he actually blushed.  “You know it as well as I do!”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“It is not and you know it.”  She smiled sticking her fingers in her cheeks to make dimples.  “I look forward to it, Ambassador.”

 “Kathryn, I was just being polite.”  He laughed as he knocked her hands down.  “And so was the Ambassador.”

“Chakotay, don’t tell me you didn’t see the change in him when I named you to the away team?”

“Kathryn, I think you are reading too much into this.  Maybe the man is truly interested in different cultures.”

“Yeah, sure, yours.” She laughed when he shook his head.  “Want to bet?”

“Kathryn, you are being silly, now.”

“OK.  If I’m just being silly, bet me.  The winner gets a massage.”


“Not so sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.  OK, tell you what, if you're right, you get a massage and I’ll wash your hair and paint your toenails!

“It’s a bet!”  She stuck out her hand and shook his.  “And the polish is on your rations!”


Chakotay stopped in his own quarters to shower and change; it had been a very long day and judging by Kathryn’s mood it was likely to be a long night. He had lost his bet-- well winning or losing was a subjective thing, especially in this case.  He replicated a bottle of wine; this was definitely not a coffee night.  The door opened almost before the chime sounded, sliding back to reveal her darkened quarters.  Stepping inside, he noticed the only light flickered from her bedroom.

“Kathryn?”  He called out as he searched out the wineglasses.
“Pour the wine and come on in.”  She was, leaning in the doorway smiling at him, dressed only in a towel.

“I see you weren’t planning on wasting any time.”  He handed her a glass of wine.

“Nope, bed is covered, oil is warm.”  She sipped her wine and turned back to the room.

The bedroom, lit only by the flicker of the scented candles, was dark, warm, and inviting.  Soft music played in the background as Kathryn placed her glass on the nightstand and positioned herself in the center of the bed.  She opened the towel allowing it to drape across her back as she lay on her stomach, stretching her arms above her head.  Chakotay slipped off his shoes and moved to straddle her.  He adjusted the towel and brushed her hair away from her shoulders.  Leaning over her to reach the oil, his breath blew warm against her neck making her shiver.

Chakotay rubbed the warm oil between his palms before spreading it across her shoulders, gently working each tight muscle of her neck as he went. The tension eased in her neck and he moved across her shoulder kneading his way up her arm to her hand, slowly working each finger before making his way to the other arm.  By the time he returned to her back, she was limp against the pillow.  Sliding the towel down to her hips, he dribbled the cooling oil down her spine causing her to gasp.  Strong hands spread the oil evenly across her back.  Starting very low on her back he leaned over pressing the heals of his hands on either side of her spine and sliding them up along the ridges of muscle all the way to her shoulders.  Dragging his hands back to the base of her spine, he repeated the effort several times and was rewarded by her low moan.  Switching strokes he used his thumbs in a small circular motion on either side, Chakotay’s hands glided up either side her spine and back again.

“God, it’s a good thing the Ambassador didn’t know how good those hands are, he would never have given you back.”  Kathryn’s voice was deep and throaty her words broken by low moans as he continued.

“He almost didn’t as it was.”  As he changed position to massage her legs, Chakotay chuckled, remembering his afternoon of dodging the Ambassadors advances. “But I told you he’s not my type.”

“Ummm, not a blonde.”

“Jealous?”  He turned and worked his way back up her legs.

“Of the blondes? Please..”  His fingers were working the muscles of her inner thighs, which she instinctively spread wider, groaning when he moved to her back again.

“Awfully sure of yourself.”

“Shouldn’t I be?”  Sitting up, she turned toward him, ran her hand over the prominent bulge in his trousers, then lay on her back stretching her hands high above her head.  “I think you are over dressed.”

“Don’t think so.”  He smiled as he ran his fingers lightly down her arms, across her chest and all the way to the towel now twisted around her hips, then crawled them slowly up her sides.  “The deal was that I get to touch you, but I don’t remember saying you could touch me.”

“That’s not fair!”  She sat up, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“You stated the terms, I just agreed.”  He unwound her arms and lowered her back down.  “I lost, you won; lie down.”  He smiled

Kathryn made a face as she watched him warm the oil in his hands.  Starting at her shoulders, he spread the oil down her chest, circling her breasts, gently massaging in widening circles from her nipples to the chest muscles.  She arched her back but he methodically continued to work the muscles and pointedly ignored tightly knotted, aching nipples, she thrust at him.  He dribbled more oil across her belly watching it pool in her navel, before spreading it with warm strong fingers.  Kathryn twitched and groaned as he skimmed over her hips and began to massage her thighs.  Chakotay massaged the out side of her right leg down to her knee and worked his way back up the inside of her thigh just to where it joined her body, then switched to the left leg.

“Chakotay, you are not playing fair.”  Kathryn growled, as he studiously avoided all the places she was dying for him to touch.

“I am playing exactly by the rules, your rules.” He massaged her lower belly.  “But you do look delicious, Kathryn.”  He sat back on his heals licking his lips, as he studied her body oiled and glistening.  “God, I would love to lick you.”  He watched her bite her lip, saw her chest heave in anticipation.  “But, that wasn’t part of the bet either.”

“Screw the bet.”  Her voice was husky and her eyes pleaded with him.

“It’s not really the bet you want me screw, is it, Kathryn? “  He laughed

“You.. ahhhhhhh.” Her protest ended as she arched her hips off the bed when his well oiled fingers slipped deep into her slick folds; her fingers reached out for him.

“No, you are not allowed to touch me.” He pressed two fingers just inside her, his thumb making gentle circles around her clitoris.

“Please..”  She thrust her hips up again, as he increased the pressure.  “I need to touch..”

“Touch yourself, Kathryn.”  He watched her fingers tangle in the sheets as she clutched at them.  “Kathryn, I want to see those fingers touching your breasts.”  He leaned over and placed her one hand on her breast.

Kathryn whimpered; he knew she was self conscious about this; she wanted her hands to be caressing his hard body not her own softer one, especially not when he was watching.  Normally aggressive in everything she did, Chakotay had been surprised at her sudden timidness the first time he had ask her to touch herself.  He had paced his living quarters more than a few times trying to ignore the sounds coming from her side of their common wall, so he knew she was quite practiced. After so many years of living on his side of the wall, he wanted to know exactly what it was that brought her that much pleasure, so he had asked her to show him.  She’d been uncomfortable, almost shy about it but loosened up at his strong reaction.

“Kathryn, show me.” Slowing his own activities, he knew, would prompt her and he watched in fascination as her movements increased as he deliberately slowed his own.
Kathryn moaned as his fingers gently caressed between her legs, much too gently; she strained to increase the contact, one hand moving to her lower belly, fingers just reaching her short curls, itching to soothe the ache his feather light touches left.  The fingers of Kathryn's other hand slowly circle her puckered nipple.   Chakotay dipped two fingers inside softly thrusting, massaging, lightly stroking and teasing; Kathryn reacted with a groan, bucking her hips, pinching her distended nipples.

"Where, Kathryn?" Chakotay withdrew his fingers, easing his touch again, until it was barely there.  “Show me where?”

Her fingertips crept through the tight curls, slowly stroking the length of her folds, dragging through the torrent of moisture.  Kathryn bit her lip, moaning in time with the slow rhythmic movement of hips, rising and falling in slow tight circles as she carefully sought the tiny core of her desire.

“You are so beautiful like this, Kathryn, flushed with desire.”  Chakotay’s voice was deep and husky with his own need, but he wouldn’t give in yet.  “I love to see you like this.”

“Chakotay, please.”  It was a hot breathy plea, her legs spreading, her hips rising up to him.
"Like this, Kathryn?” He trailed one finger through her slick folds, teasingly circling her swollen nub; her body jerked in response.

“Yes, please.”

Kathryn moaned, shaking with desire as his fingers replaced hers continuing their slow tortuous movements, carefully coming so close and backing away.  Too gentle touches across her swollen lips, the slow circles around her aching center had Kathryn writhing with the need that pulsated through her.

“Chakotay.”  She was gasping, twisting her fingers in the sheets, one hand almost painfully kneading her breast.

“Does it feel good, Kathryn?”  He finally allowed one hand to message her aching nerves, sinking two fingers of the other hand deep into her heat.

“Yess, please yes.”  Her head tossed she was pleading with him in husky groans as the unbearable tension built.

“What?  How, Kathryn?”  He resisted the urge to lick the trickle of sweat as it slid between her glistening breasts; his own need painfully strong, he was determined to carry this through.  “Tell me.”

“More.. pleasse, harder..” Incoherent, she thrashed, pleading in broken words and moans.

Giving in just a little, Chakotay bent to taste her, lapping at her sweet nectar; she was on the edge, teetering, falling, then his lips clamped around her clitoris, his fingers pumped, thrusting faster, harder; her world shattered into tiny crystal fragments.  Sharp cries tore from deep in her throat, her legs came up to anchor him to her, as her body rocked with uncontrollable spasms.  Raspy, unintelligible sounds of pleasure fill the room as she road out the waves of ecstasy.

As her body slowly settled, Kathryn released him sinking back into the softness of the mattress.  She turned to reach for him, but found only the empty bed.  Without the strength to go find him, she settled back and waited for his return, easily drifting off to sleep.

“Kathryn?”  He smiled at her dazed expression.  “Get up.”

“No.”  She rolled toward him, her hands skimming his now naked body.  “Hummm come here.”  Her fingers ran the length of his silken shaft, titanium hard and beautiful.

“No.”  He unwound her groping fingers and lifted her off the bed.

“No? Have you lost your mind?”

“Not at all.”  He carried her into the bathroom where the steam was already billowing from the shower stall. “Time to wash your hair.”

“You have lost your mind.”  She sputtered as he placed her under the hot spray and stepped in behind her.  “Let’s wash this instead.”  She reached for him but he spun her away holding her back against him with one arm.

“Hold still.”  He dabbed some shampoo on her hair; she squirmed against him spreading the massage oil on both of them. “Kathryn behave yourself or we will never finish this.” Her wriggling, the soft hot flesh of her ass pressing against him, was pushing him to the edge; he tried to move his body out of contact with hers but she broke free and turned to face him.

“Hair is clean enough.”  She grabbed the soap and began soaping his body.

“Kathryn.”  He weakly admonished.

“You washed my hair, it can rinse itself.”  Her soapy hands spread lather over his entire body.  “Time to wash off all this oil.”

She started to lick the water droplets from his chest, her hands moving over him, sliding lower until she trapped his rock hard penis between her palms.  His control was lost; he swiftly lifted her against the shower wall, holding her there by a tight grip on her hips and impaled her with one hard thrust.

“Ahhh.”  She cried out as the air rushed from her lungs and she reached for his shoulders for support. “Gods .. Oh.”  Kathryn held on. Chakotay was pounding into her, never had she seen him so out of control, never had he felt better.

Chakotay grunted, uncontrollably thrusting; Kathryn gasped as he crushed her to the wall, his tongue wildly mimicking the movement of their lower bodies.  Chakotay was growling, panting into her face, as he ground against her.  Kathryn's own orgasm caught her by surprise, her body convulsed as shudders tore through her.  Her clenching muscles dragged him over with her.  Falling to his knees, he let Kathryn slide down the wall with him, settling her in his lap as the water streamed over them.
“Hey.”  Chakotay lifted her head from his shoulder.  “You OK?”

“Fine.”  She kissed him.  “A little water logged.  How about you?”

“Yes, must be time to dry off.” He lifted her to her feet and she winced.  “What's..?”  He examined the handprints already turning a deep purple that crossed her hips.  “Sorry.”

“Come on, let's dry off and you can fix them for me.”  She turned the water off and climbed over him and out of the shower.  “Here.”  She wrapped herself in a towel and tossed him one.
“Just how can I fix them?”  He followed her into the bedroom.  “You wouldn’t have a dermal regenerator, would you?”

“Don’t be silly.  The doctor would never allow that.”  She tossed him the ‘nonexistent’ instrument.

“I should report you for having this.”  He waved the regenerator over her hip.

“Then I would have to throw you in the brig for assaulting an officer.”

“It might be worth it just to see you explain this ‘assault’ to Tuvok.”  He finished the second hip and pulling down the blankets, he stretched out on the bed.  “Or maybe Tom and Harry.”

"Starfleet would love that report, or maybe we should share it with the ambassador." Kathryn dried her hair and curled up next to him. A long day had stretched into an even longer night and she was suddenly very tired.

"He might like that."  Chakotay stroked the pale skin of her back as she made herself comfortable on his chest.  "The ambassador did suggest that perhaps I would be more comfortable if we included you."

"Oh god, a new definition of 'first contact'."  Kathryn was drifting off to sleep.

There was no place Chakotay would rather be than lying here, naked, with Kathryn curled against his side, but he knew if he stayed he would soon be asleep too and the morning would bring a new set of problems.

"I should go, Kathryn." Chakotay tried to ease his way out from under her.  "The rumors will be flying again if I get caught leaving here in the morning."

"Which rumors should we worry about this time.?"  She snuggled closer trying to prevent him from leaving.  "The ones about us being involved?”  Her warm sleepy voice tingled as it crossed his chest.  “Or maybe, one -- hell maybe both of us, being gay -- or what ever one Ensign Wilton will think up to explain my laughing fit?"

“Any of them, all of them.”  He tried again to get up.

“Please, stay.”

“Kathryn, if I do we will only argue about it in the morning.”

“No, no more arguing.  I promise.”  Her chuckle tickled his chest.  “Well, not about that anyway.”

“That’s a little more rational.”  He laughed.  “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.  They talk anyway.”  She raised her head up and gave him a sleepy smile.  “Maybe if we stop hiding, they will stop prying.”

“Maybe.” He shook his head, still a little unsure.

"Goodnight." Kathryn yanked the covers over them and lay her head back on his chest.

"Goodnight."  He kissed the top of her head, chuckling at the even breathing that indicated she was already asleep.


Tom returned to the bridge.   He had the latest reports from engineering on the dilithium they had mined and Neelix's report on food stores.  The Captain had requested them and stressed that she wanted to see them immediately, before they left orbit, but she wasn't on the bridge.   Looking around he noticed Chakotay was missing also so headed directly to the ready room.  After all, it didn't take a genius to figure it out-- together, on duty, not in their command chairs-- bingo, the ready room.

As he approached, the unlocked door slid open.  Tom walked half way into the ready room, but the sight that greeted him caused him to stop just close enough to the sensors to keep the door from closing.   His first thought, that perhaps a person should knock even when the door isn't locked, quickly vanished when he realized what he was watching.  Before him, his captain sat, one barefoot propped up on the coffee table the other in the, apparently capable, hands of her first officer.  Chakotay knelt on the floor in front of the couch, a bottle of bright red nail polish on the table, between them. The howl Tom let loose caused the command team to look up in surprise and the bridge crew to crane their necks to see what was going on.
"Captain."  He fought to control his laughter.  "I have the reports you requested." Tom laughed even louder as the Captain's cheeks turned bright crimson; Chakotay just calmly continued his task.

"I'll take them here, Mr. Paris."  She reached out her hand, trying to force the Captain's mask in place.

The door closed behind Tom as he crossed and handed her the padds.  He stood grinning as he watched Chakotay apply a second coat of polish to her toenails.

"Thank you.  You are dismissed, Mr. Paris."

"Ahh yes, Captian."  Tom stopped just inside the door. "I always knew you were an artist, big guy, but I never knew your medium was nail polish."  Tom stepped smiling on to the bridge letting the door close slowly behind him.

The End

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