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Note: This story inspired by the wonderful tub toy I received by email, is my first effort at collaboration.  The idea and most of the story belong to Dakota.  Thanks D.

Fourth place in bath time

Rated  NC17
Chakotay watched pensively as Kathryn opened the package.  He had been unable to think of anything really appropriate to get her for Christmas this year.  Their relationship had been slowly evolving over the last year and he did not want to put it at risk by giving her something she wasn’t ready yet to accept.  He had finally decided that a humorous gift was the safest choice but he still wanted it to be a gift with some personal significance.  He had waited until after the annual Christmas party to give it to her privately when he had asked her to his quarters for a drink.  Although she had appeared a little surprised when he suggested his quarters, she had readily accepted.  Her smile when he handed the small box to her had told him she had been disappointed when she did not receive a gift from him earlier at the party.  Now her face was bright with anticipation as she tore open the box. 

Kathryn removed the last of the green foil wrapping paper and lifted the lid.  Carefully she removed its tissue-covered contents.  Her expression changed from one of pure anticipation to puzzlement as she realized the object was much lighter than expected and did not appear to be at all fragile.  She cautiously removed the tissue paper to reveal her Christmas gift.  Chakotay watched her face run through a series of emotions ranging from confusion to disappointment but finally settling into humor and joy.  Chakotay sighed with relief as Kathryn’s smile returned.  He had not been sure she would appreciate receiving a bright yellow rubber duck for Christmas. 

“Chakotay, it’s adorable!  Now, would you like to explain why you gave me a rubber duck?” 

“It’s actually rather simple.  I couldn’t think of anything really appropriate or special enough for you, so I thought I’d get you something for your tub.  Every bath tub should have a rubber duck swimming among the bubbles, don’t you think?” 

“No, I don’t think, but I love it anyway.  I can understand why you didn’t give it to me at the party.  Tom would have had a field day with this toy duck.  Thank you.”  Kathryn stretched up to kiss his cheek but he turned he head to catch her lips with his.  Although she was startled Kathryn, did not pull away and Chakotay extended the kiss.  Although enjoying himself, Chakotay decided not to push his luck and broke the kiss after a minute.  He searched Kathryn’s face for some sign of anger or disapproval but found no hint of censure, just something he couldn’t quite identify.  After a second she stepped back almost as if confused or disappointed. 

“Well, I think I’d better get going.  My first officer scheduled me for the early shift in the morning, so I have to be up early.” 

“Kathryn, I told you I’d take that shift if you preferred the later one.” 

“No, Chakotay, I was only teasing.  You shouldn’t take me so seriously all the time.  I’ll be up anyway and would prefer to take the early shift so you can chase me off the bridge later in the day.  I’m perfectly happy with the schedule the way it is.  Thank you for my duck.  I’ll always think of him when I see you.”  She grinned mischievously at her intentional misstatement wondering if he had noticed. 

“Good night, Kathryn.  Think of me when you see the duck, too, okay? Merry Christmas.”  Chakotay leaned to kiss her then watched as Kathryn left to return to her quarters.  She must have liked her gift since she hadn’t thrown it at him. 

Kathryn lolled back in her tub idly pushing her rubber duck back and forth through the bubbles.  As much as she loved the toy it was not the kind of Christmas gift she had been hoping to receive from Chakotay this year.  She had hoped for something more personal that would present her with an opportunity to give him a gift she had kept from him too long.  Little sleep and a long shift without Chakotay to distract her combined with her disappointment at receiving only a toy duck for her tub, finally made her grab the duck and sling it across the room where it bounced off a couple of walls and slid to a stop near the door.  Irritated with herself, Kathryn leaned her head back on the tub and tried to relax.  She had nearly an hour before Chakotay’s shift ended when he would join her for dinner, before they went over the day’s reports.  She smiled and began to plan how she could welcome him.  Sleep came to Kathryn as she slowly relaxed. 

Chakotay rang the chime at Kathryn’s door for the third time.  He had been late getting off the bridge and had stopped to change into more comfortable clothes before going to her quarters.  She was usually ready and waiting so he was becoming concerned. 

“Computer, locate Captain Janeway.” 

“Captain Janeway is in her quarters.” 

Alarmed Chakotay entered an override on the controls and stepped through the door.  Anxiously he looked around for Kathryn but did not see her or any signs of meal preparation.  Dropping the pads he carried on a table, he continued through the living room to her bedroom finding only her discarded uniform before heading into her bath.  Relief swept over him as he realized she had only fallen asleep in the tub. 

“Kathryn.”  She did not respond. 

“Kathryn!”  Still Kathryn made no response.  Chakotay was starting to become alarmed again. 

“KATHRYN!”  She raised her head and smiled at him just as he moved forward to shake her.  Her smile distracted him so much that he didn’t notice the duck on the floor and stepped on it twisting his ankle just enough to throw him off balance.  He made a bumbling belly flop right in the middle of the tub with his face going down in the water right towards Kathryn’s belly button.  He raised his head to focus his attention on her face — a challenge that grew increasingly difficult as he realized what was right under his nose.  Her smiled had turned into giggles, then to quiet laughter, and was threatening to break into outright hysterics.  He was flustered and soaked to the skin. 

“Kathryn . . .” Chakotay did not know what to say.  He was pretty sure there was nothing in the Starfleet manual on point to guide him in how to properly handle this situation. 

“Hello, Commander.”  Kathryn could barely speak because of her giggles.  Chakotay started to turn red as he realized his hands rested on the bottom of the tub but were scrunched up against Kathryn’s bare hips.  He tried to ignore where the rest of his body was resting.  “I guess I fell asleep waiting for you.” 

“Kathryn . . .” Chakotay tried again to find words to express his feelings but couldn’t identify the feelings much less find the words. 

“I’d ask you to join me, Chakotay, but you already have.”  Kathryn was regaining control but still getting great pleasure from watching Chakotay’s face go from surprise to horror to embarrassment. 

“Kathryn, I am so sorry.  I was worried when you didn’t answer the door.  I’ll leave immediately if I can . . ..”  Chakotay finally found the words but Kathryn cut him off. 

“It’s all right, Chakotay.  I haven’t enjoyed anything this much for a long time.  Except maybe that kiss last night.” 

“Kathryn?”  Chakotay was puzzled.  He didn’t expect her to mention the kiss but if he had he would have expected her to say it couldn’t happen again. 

“It’s something I’ve been hoping would happen — the kiss not your falling face first into my bath tub.”  Kathryn nearly started laughing all over again but stopped when she looked into his eyes.  Her voice became tentative.  “I don’t suppose I could have another one?” 

Chakotay decided that the least said the better at this point so he reached his lips to meet Kathryn’s.  Her hands moved to his shoulders and started to drift to the back of his neck when one of his hands slipped and he fell back into the water bouncing his head off her body on the way down.  His lips barely brushed her breast as he emerged from the bubbles but he felt her move toward him.  He shook his head vigorously to get the water out of his eyes.  The spray startled Kathryn and she retaliated with a splash aimed at his head. 

“No fair, Kathryn, I can’t defend myself and still keep my head out of the water.” 

“Do you really want to defend yourself against me, Chakotay?”  Kathryn’s voice was soft and hesitant, almost scared.  “I love the toy duck, but I was really hoping for something a little more personal for Christmas. 

“Pointless, Kathryn, I‘ve always been defenseless around you.”  He smiled at her now.  “Well, I seem to have become your live bath toy, you can’t get much more personal than that.”   He tried to laugh off his embarrassment, when his hand slipped and he caught himself just before going under again. 

“Oh, I don’t know . . .” She giggled again, watching him try to raise his eyes to hers without becoming distracted by the scenery along the way. 

“I haven’t unwrapped this bath toy yet.  Let’s get that shirt off you.”  Kathryn’s fingers were working the buttons as she spoke.  Once finished with the buttons, she grasped both sides and tugged firmly.  “Sit down so you can take this off.  And get rid of your shoes while you’re at it.”  Chakotay was so startled by her orders that he had twisted around and was sitting next to her before he realized he had even moved.  Kathryn pulled the shirt off his shoulders laughing at his expression when he realized it was covered with bubbles.  She took the shirt from him and dropped it over the side of the tub then watched expectantly while he removed his shoes and tossed them on top of his shirt. 

“Don’t stop now, Chakotay, the pants need to go, too.”  Silently Chakotay followed her directions.  He was hoping Kathryn had the same thing in mind as he did, but was afraid to say anything in case this was a huge misunderstanding.  He had been disappointed too many times over the years to take anything for granted.  The problem was his body was ignoring any other possibility. 

“Well, most of the packaging is off my toy, but there is still some wrapping to be removed.”  Kathryn reached for the tops of his briefs and tugged gently urging him to lift up enough for her to remove them.  Chakotay knew there was no way she could have avoided noticing his physical reaction to their situation.  Kathryn leaned across his check to toss the briefs on the stack of wet clothing, and then continued moving across his body until she was straddling his thighs with her hands on his shoulders. 

“Seems like my new toy is ready to play.”  She smiled at the wide-eyed look he gave her as her hand closed around him.  “Wanna play Chakotay?”  She leaned toward him, her breasts brushing his chest, her mouth covering his.  She parted his lips, exploring his mouth with her tongue as his hand came up to cup her breast fingers teasing erect nipples.  She moaned into his mouth, arching her breasts against his hands, her fingers stroking him.  Straddling his hips, she began working his penis through wetness.  She broke the kiss as she positioned herself above him and began a slow easy decent.  His lips caught the hard dimpled surface of her nipple and she gasped as she took him in fully.  She was hot and wet and so tight, he groaned as she rose up and down, slowly at first, then faster more urgently, as he brought his hand to their junction.  One large finger slipping through, stroking, rotating as the pressure mounted and she tossed her head back, grabbing his shoulders for balance, grinding herself to him with his every thrust.  She cried out as her body shook, convulsing around him, sending him over with her. 
As they relaxed they slid down in the tub and Chakotay got a mouthful of water.  He pulled himself up spluttering.  His jerky movements caused her to grab his shoulders to keep her own balance.  Laughing at his splutters made speech impossible for a few minutes. 

“Chakotay, as much as I would love to just sit here with you, I think we should get out to here before you drown.” 

“I was trying to do just that earlier,” he flashed her the dimples, “when something, or rather someone, distracted me.  I rather liked the distraction.” 

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.  Here, I’ll get out first then help you.”  Kathryn pushed away from Chakotay but one hand slipped and she fell toward him – an action that resulted in placing his nose between her breasts and another bout of laughter. 

“I’m quite happy at the moment, Kathryn.”  Slowly he raised his eyes to hers as his mouth explored the delicacies placed with reach. “Given the choice between drowning and suffocation,” He spoke into her chest, “I’ll take suffocation.” 

“Hardly a danger, Commander.”  She leaned back against the tub.  “We aren’t talking about Seven here.” 

“Seven?” He raised his eyebrows, trying to look shocked. 

“Please, like you never noticed.”  She grabbed his shoulders, but instead of getting out, she leaned to kiss him again.  She gently brushed his lips with her tongue lightly licking the out line before capturing his mouth more forcefully.  “Get out.”  She pulled back from him, pushing at his shoulders.  “Before we both slip and fall.”  He climbed out of the tub.  “Hand me that towel, will you?” 

“Yes, ma’am.”  He responded while leering a bit as he held it just out of her reach. 

Kathryn smiled, holding his eyes with hers as she prepared to meet his challenge.  She snatched the towel from him.  Never taking her eyes from his, she slowly dried off, before wrapping the towel around herself and brushing past him.  He looked around, but there were no more towels to be found, so after a minute he came out of the bathroom still dripping.  She was leaning against the bedroom doorframe waiting for him. 

“Chakotay.”  She stepped up close to him.  “You really should dry off before you get chilled.” 

“You took the last towel, Kathryn.” 

“Well, then allow me to dry you off.“ 

Deliberately she removed the towel and looped it around his neck.  Gently she tugged him to follow her into her bedroom.  Once there she used the towel to dry his body.  She rubbed the towel around his chest and abdomen, caressing him, and making sure to run her palms across his nipples.  After she had dried his chest, she anointed it with a line of moist open kisses, stopping to suckle a very erect nipple before continuing down his well-muscled stomach.  Her hands lowered the towel around his hips to hold him still as she licked and sucked her way down his stomach.  Her mouth worked it’s way down to meet the juncture of his legs, depositing soft kisses and nips on the inside of his thighs.  He groaned when she wrapped her fingers around him, licking the drops of moisture from him. 

“Kathryn.”  He reached for her, drawing her up to him, pulling her close and holding her there. Slowly he loosened his grip and she stepped back, taking his hand and leading him to the bed.  She turned back to him reaching up to capture his lips, hands caressing, exploring softly and gently at first, then growing in intensity with the kiss.  His hand slid between them cupping her breast, she arched her back moaning into his mouth.  Gentle caresses and moans rapidly grew into groping and gasps, he lowered them to her bed.  His hands began a slow decent leaving her breasts to trail across her belly and her hips before pressing open her thighs.  Lips and tongue followed in the wake of his hand first stopping to graze then to suckle her nipples before nipping and licking down her belly. 

“Ooohhhh.”  The sensation caused by his warm breath as it crossed her hot center caused her to arch her hips toward him, gasping.  His fingers spread her as his tongue slipped into her moist folds, licking, sucking, and executing excruciating torture.  Gasping and moaning, begging, she writhed helplessly beneath his mouth. “Pleeaassee—oh—ohh.”  His tongue penetrated her then his fingers—one then two- as his tongue continued to manipulate her into a frenzy.  “Ahhhh, Chaakotaay.”  She bucked against him, her body stiffened then convulsed, a sharp intake of breath followed by a deep groan as waves of pleasure washed over her. His hands held her open as his tongue lapped at her juices, until her body stilled and he moved up to hold her. 

She reached for him, bringing his face to hers, using her tongue to lick her own juices from his lips. Lips and tongue meeting, breath exchanged as their hands slowly explored, teasing and tantalizing.  Kissing her way down his neck and chest, nipping, licking, suckling erect nipples, she moved herself down his body.  She ran her hands over his hips and down his thighs; he could feel her breath as her fingers closed around him, guiding him toward her moist lips. Gliding her tongue over the tip, she lapped at the fluid savoring the salty moisture.  She drew her tongue along the underside, soft swirling strokes, light nips, he gasped, closing his eyes as she focused her attention, sucking, running her tongue along the slit.  As the soft moisture of her lips closed around him, her mouth enveloping him, his eyes closed a groan emerging from deep in his throat.  Continuing her delicious assault, she reached between his legs cupping, massaging than running her nail lightly down his inner thigh and back, he shuddered when a finger drew a light line between his cheeks.  He moved against her, fingers tangled in her hair, as she drew in as much of him as she could, and then more.  His breathing ragged, he reached down and brought her back to him. 

He claimed her mouth, their tongues sharing their own tastes, his fingers reaching down to stroke her.  She arched toward him, spreading her legs, her body begging for him.  He moved over her, kneeling between her legs, playing his length along her moist folds.  She arched herself to him and he held himself in place above her, suddenly afraid, she looked so tiny and vulnerable beneath him.  He eased himself lower, penetrating only the tip and easing back.  She clutched at him.  “Ooh goddds pleease.”  He bent to kiss her, sucking her lips as he penetrated deeper, slowly, carefully working back and forth, in and out, deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust until he had buried all of him in her deep warmth.  He held there kissing her lips, her neck then slowly, at first, began to develop a rhythm.  She matched him as the pace quickened.  He reached between them, just above their joining, caressing her, teasing. “Chako—oohhh-goddd.”  She raked her nails down his back as her body convulsed under him.  Her inner muscles gripped him as his thrusts quickened, becoming shorter, faster, and more urgent.  Grasping her hips he pounded into her, his body stiffening, he cried out her name as he spasmed deep inside her.  Exhausted and trembling he collapsed, covering her quaking body with his.  She took him in her arms, spreading gentle kisses across his neck and chest, running her hands lightly down his back.  They slept in a tangle of arms legs and sheets. 

Chakotay woke to different sheets, the aroma of Kathryn’s bubble bath, and the pleasant but unfamiliar feel of someone snuggled against his body, a very pleasant feeling.  As much as he had enjoyed his belated Christmas gift he knew he and Kathryn had to get to the bridge on time or Tom would be asking questions — impertinent questions that neither he nor Kathryn would want to answer.  He gently leaned over to kiss Kathryn good morning being careful not to wake her before slipping out of the bed to gather his still damp clothes from the floor.  He took them to the bathroom when he shook them out and decided that he could make it to his quarters in them so long as no one got too close a look at them.  Quickly he left Kathryn a message on a pad in the bathroom.  He padded to the door where he checked that the corridor was empty before making a dash for his own quarters. 

Kathryn woke to the sound of the computer’s voice telling her the time.  She quickly silenced the irritating announcement wishing she could sleep a little longer.  Then the memories of the night before came flooding back.  She looked around the room for Chakotay before calling his name.  When she received no response she got up and made a cursory search of the room for some sign that he had been there.  Finding none, she entered the bathroom where the water on the floor and the abandoned rubber duck told her the night before had been all too real.  She was very hurt and more than a little angry that he had left without talking to her.  She finally noticed the message pad and read it quickly.  After she read it she decided to let him provide her breakfast using his rations before dumping him out the nearest air lock.  Or maybe she would make him eat something she had cooked for breakfast.  That might be more satisfying than the airlock; it had the added benefit of leaving a warm body to snuggle with again tonight.  Kathryn quickly cleaned the mess up in the bathroom and took a shower then decided to start breakfast before dressing.  She wrapped herself in her last dry towel and carried the duck with her to the replicator to get the ingredients for an omelet.  She decided the duck hadn’t been such a disappointment.  After all it had landed Chakotay in her tub last night.  She was still slicing mushrooms and onions when the door chime sounded. 

“Come in, Chakotay,” she called from the corner of the room.  He entered dressed for duty but with a wary look on his face that turned to dismay when he realized she was actually planning to cook his breakfast. 

“You don’t have to cook, Kathryn, I said I would provide your breakfast this morning.” 

“That’s OK, Chakotay, I don’t mind.  It’s the least I could do since you left me alone, and I do mean alone, with the bathroom to mop up this morning.  You didn’t even mention whether you enjoyed your belated Christmas gift.”  It slowly dawned on Chakotay that Kathryn was not happy about waking to an empty bed this morning.  The good news was that she had wanted him to be there when she woke up; the bad news was that he hadn’t been and was going to be making it up to her for very long time.  He also realized that her anger was slowly mounting and decided that it would be better to speak with her later, much later and in a public forum with lots of witnesses, preferably male witnesses.  He turned to leave. 

“It’s really not necessary to fix me breakfast, Kathryn.  I only said I’d get breakfast to save you the bother.  I’ll just get something in the mess hall and see you on the bridge.”  He was nearly at the door. 

“You’re afraid to eat my cooking?  Is that why you’re leaving?” 

“I didn’t say that; that is not what I meant and it’s not why I’m leaving.”  Kathryn was only pretending to be angry but she knew Chakotay was not aware of her pretense.  She decided to make the most of the opportunity.  Just as she realized he was actually going to leave, he made a move for the door.  Since there was nothing else within reach except a knife, she grabbed the duck and flung it after his retreating back as he quickly exited her quarters. 

“Come back here, you coward!”  Struggling not to laugh Kathryn’s voice rang out louder than she had intended as the duck flew out the door just missing Chakotay’s head before bouncing off the wall on the fall side of the corridor and coming to land at the feet of a very startled Tom Paris.  Not knowing what else to do, Tom picked up the toy and handed it to Chakotay.  Behind the commander he caught a glimpse of the Captain wrapped in a towel nearly doubled over with laughter. 

“I think the Captain meant you to take this back to her, Commander.”  He had a decision to make in the next 2 seconds: go back and face Kathryn or go to the bridge and deal with Tom’s questions and comments.  He opted for the lesser of the evils. 

I think you’re right, Tom.  Would you mind telling Tuvok the Captain and I will be a little late getting to the bridge this morning?”  It was only after Tom had handed him the duck that Chakotay realized that Kathryn was laughing.  Maybe facing Kathryn wouldn’t be so bad after all.  In fact, it could be quite enjoyable. 

“Of course not, Commander.” 

“Thanks, Tom.”  Tom watched Chakotay re-enter the Captain’s quarters where he could hear her laughter before he continued down the corridor wondering if anyone would believe him if he told them what he had just observed.   He shook his head.  No, he had better keep his mouth shut because nobody would believe him if he tried to tell them he had seen a tub toy come flying out of the Captain’s quarters. 


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