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“How I ever let you talk me into this, I’ll never know.”  Kathryn slipped off her shoes as they reached the sand.

“You though it was a good idea at the time, as I recall.”  Chakotay rolled up his pants and picked up his shoes.

“Well, when they suggested it, I thought we were all going as adults.  I had no idea I had to sleep with Sam!”

“They have a very strict code here, Kathryn.”

“We can’t even stay in the same house!”  She looked around.  “One of those ‘watchers’ is probably behind the damn sand dune now!”

“They aren’t that bad.”  He grinned at her and she stopped and glared at him, her hands on hips.  “We could find a way around it.”

“Oh, really?! And just how do you propose we do that?”

“Well, they let Tom and B’Elanna stay together.”

“That’s blackmail!”  She turned and stormed off down the beach.

“DON’T YOU LOVE ME, KATHRYN?”  He yelled as he trotted after her.

“Of course I do…” Kathryn stopped short and he ran into her toppling them both to the ground.

“Then?”  Chakotay was lying on top of her.

“It’s not that I don’t love you, Chakotay.”  She ran her fingers through his hair, drawing him closer so that she spoke against his lips.  “I just can’t let every alien culture dictate the way I live my life.”

“Don’t do it for them; do it for me.”  Their warm breath mingled with each word.

“I’d rather do this.”  She pulled his face just close enough to brush his lips.  “and this.”  Her tongue snaked out to trace his lips.

“Kathryn, I’m sure this is not allowed.”  He nibbled on her lip, before kissing her slowly, thoroughly, his tongue exploring her mouth hungrily.

She was nibbling on his ear; he was fumbling with the fasteners on her shirt, his tongue forcing a groan as it licked that sensitive spot behind her ear.

“Oh, god, I need you.”  She panted raising her hips to press against his growing desire.

“Kathryn, we can’t.”  He groaned as she wedged her hand between them.

“What could happen?” Her mouth was against his neck, her fingers stroking him through his pants.

“They said their…”  He sucked in his breath as her fingers slipped inside his pants.  “God, Kathryn!”

“Ummmm?”  She didn’t really care what they said or what their ‘spirits watchers’ might do.  She had been down here four days and would be another three and she wasn’t waiting any longer.

“Warning..”  He panted, his breath warm against her neck as her thumb spread the first drops of moisture.  “Warning first—ahhhh.”

“If we get warned --  I’ll stop.”  She wiggled into the sand creating just enough space for her one hand to push her slacks down far enough to bring their skin into contact.

“Damn.”  He pushed himself up on one hand using the other to tear open her blouse, his mouth descending on the exposed breast while his hand assisted her in lowering her pants.

It was getting darker and the temperature fell slightly, but as they desperately tried to free her from her clinging pants, they didn’t notice.  The slacks were damp and tight and their frantic movements only served to twist them tighter.  The rising and falling of her legs as she struggled served to increase the friction and tighten the coil of need already threatening to explode within her.  She pushed his shoulders with both hands, fingers digging into him, until he drew up and looked at her.

“Get-the–damn-things-off, now.”  Her slow deliberate breathing letting him know she was beyond desperate.

He sat up and pulled one leg free, running his hand up her thigh to her hot wet center.  Her hips bucked, her fingers clawing in the air as she tried to reach him.  The wind was picking up and the first cold drops of rain fell.

“Please.”  She tried to bring him closer with her free leg.

He moved over her; she raised her hips crying out as he entered her.  She was hot and greedy, hungrily taking all of him and begging for more.   Cold rain fell on his back, her legs pulling him deeper, her cries drowning out the thunder in his head.  It was hailing when she clenched around him, her body convulsing, a garbled form of his name ripping from her throat.  The lightning flashed white hot around him as he grasped her hips, pounding toward the explosion that left him panting in her face as he crushed her into the wet sand.
“What the..”  She sputtered, once she was rational enough to feel the hail hit her face.

“It’s a storm.”  He mumbled against her neck without moving.

“They don’t have violent weather like this here.”  She hid her face against him as a flash of lightning lit up the sky; a second bolt struck a small bush not far from them setting it on fire.

“Feels real to me, Kathryn.”  He slowly raised himself and laughed at her gasps when the cold drops reached her newly exposed body.

It grew darker as the storm intensified around them.  The wind howled and the hail whipped harder against their naked skin.  Lightning streaked around them, striking closer and closer as they struggled to dress.  Rain mixed with the hail, drenching them as he helped her tug on her wet pants.

“I THINK WE MISSED THE WARNING, KATHRYN.”  He shouted over the howl of the wind as he pulled her hurriedly toward the shelter.


“I KNOW.”  He nodded and pulled are along again, laughing.

He stopped suddenly; he felt the waves splash on his bare feet, this was the wrong way.  He searched in the now complete darkness.  Lightning flashed, striking very near them several times.

“WHICH WAY?”  He pulled her closer trying to shelter her.

“I DON’T KNOW.”  She tried to use the flash of lightning to get her bearings, but it was too quick.  “OK, OK.”  She shouted pulling back from him.  “I’LL MARRY YOU.”


“NOT JOKING.”  The wind roared louder, she took a deep breath and shouted against it.  “I’LL MARRY HIM.  I SAID, I’LL MARRY HIM.”

The wind grew silent, the rain warming slightly as the sky lightened.  They stood open mouthed, wet and cold as the clouds moved away and the twin suns returned to the sky above them.  They were standing on the beach not 100 meters from the shelter they sought.  She took his hand, then cautiously looked for any indication of offense, finding none she started toward the house.

“Kathryn?”  He spoke softly breaking the silence.  “Did you mean it?”

She stopped and looked around.  The beach was wet and dimpled with the impact of the hail; the grass lay flattened to the ground and a small bush smoldered from a lightning strike.  She laughed.

“Would I lie to them, Chakotay?”

The End
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