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She retreated into her bedroom quickly changing into the clothes he gave her, a peasant blouse, a little low cut for her taste, barely touching her shoulders and a full skirt that came about three inches below her knees.

"No shoes, Kathryn."  He called out to her.

"Chakotay, what is this all about?"  She yelled back.

"Just get dressed, Kathryn and I'll show you."

"All right, but this had better be good."  She stood in the doorway, hands on her hips, admiring him in his loose pants cuffed up around his knees, no shoes and blousey white shirt open at the neck revealing a bit of his golden chest.

"Come on.”  He grabbed her hand and headed for the door.

“Whoa.”  She stood her ground, momentarily forcing him to stop.  “I can’t go out there like this.”  She pulled out the side of her colorful skirt and wiggled her bare toes.

"Of course you can.”  He laughed and pulled her toward the door.  “Trust me, Kathryn, the crew knows you have toes.”  Holding her hand tightly, he dragged her out the door to the lift.

Kathryn relaxed a bit until the lift opened revealing two startled looking crewmen. With her hand still firmly in his, she had no choice but to follow him into the lift.

“Good evening.”  A smiling Chakotay greeted the crewmen.

“Evening, Commander, Captain.”  They mumbled together.

Kathryn nodded her greeting, trying unsuccessfully to hide their still joined hands behind her skirt.  Thankfully they were left alone when the lift stopped on deck four.

“Can I have my hand back now, Commander?”

“No.”  He smiled and raised their joined hands in the air.  “And we are off duty, it’s just Chakotay, Kathryn.”  The lift reached deck six and he pulled her along, past a few snickering faces, to the holodeck.

 He punched in a code and the doors opened to a beautiful vineyard, grapes as far as the eye could see.  Rows and rows of ripe purple grapes.  The sun was bright and warm but a cool breeze kept it from being hot.

“It’s beautiful, Chakotay, but I don’t get it.”  Kathryn took in the gentle slopes of fruitful vines, breathing in the slightly sweet warm air.

“You will.”  He chuckled.

Chakotay led her up a path between the vines, past scores of pickers; each equipped with a long cutting shear and a basket.  Kathryn signaled Chakotay to stop so they could watch.  At each grapevine, the pickers cut-off a group of grapes, which consisted of all the grapes that grow from one larger stem.  The pickers then took these grapes and placed them in their baskets, collecting more grape groups until their baskets were full.
Gatherers walked the vineyard rows with large, 20-gallon tubs strapped on their backs and dumped the pickers' full baskets into the tubs.  When the gatherer that they had been watching had a full tub, they followed him up the hill

In a clearing, under the shade of a very large tree was a big lagare, a large stone tank, which the gatherers were dumping their grapes into.  There were a dozen or so holocharacters dressed much the same way as Kathryn and Chakotay, milling about the lagare.

“This is very interesting, Chakotay but why are we watching these people pick grapes?”

“We’re not.”  He smiled and pulled her closer to the vat.

“Then just what is it we are doing?”  She trotted along behind him.

“You said you wanted wine, so..”  He laughed as her mouth dropped open.  “we are going to make wine.”

“You don’t mean..?”  She tried to back away but he still held her hand.

“Yes, I certainly do.”  He reached his other hand between her legs and grabbed the back hem of her skirt, pulling it forward and tucking it into her front waistband.  Laughing louder at her yelp.  “Relax, Kathryn, it will be easier to tread them this way.”

“To what?!”

“Tread the grapes.”  He pulled her along side the tank.  “That’s what you call it when you stomp the grapes to get the juice out.”

“You want me to get in there and step on them?!”

“Well, we have to go to the other side where the ladder is and wash our feet first, but yes, I expect you to stomp on them.”  He laughed as she reluctantly followed him around the lagare.

After washing their feet and legs in the warm spray, he followed her up the ladder and lowered her over the other side into the vat.  Watching, the holocharacters already inside laughed at the face she made as her feet sank into the grapes.

“Yuck.”  She grabbed for Chakotay to keep her balance. “You have really lost it this time.”

“Come on, Kathryn, it’ll be fun.”  He held on to her so she didn’t fall, as he began to tread the grapes like the others were doing.

“Oh, lord!  It squishes between my toes. Ewwwww.”  She was laughing as she joined the treading.

“You wanted wine, Kathryn.”  He let go, moving back just a little to watch her.

“I thought we would just replicate a bottle!”  She slipped but he caught her before she landed in the mashed grapes, the feel of his strong hands grasping her waist sent chills through her.

“I don’t know…” He leaned her against the side of the vat and lifted her pinkish purple foot, examining the color which now ran almost to her knees. “I think I like my wine this way.”  He raised her food to his mouth and began to suck the grape juice from her toes.

“Chakotay.”  Kathryn sucked in her breath, looking sidelong at the people around them who had pretty much given up treading the grapes to watch them.

“Computer, delete holocharacters.”  His mouth returned to her toes; his fingers slowly sliding up the inside of her thigh as she pressed back against the side of the lagare to keep from falling.

“Chakotay, I don’t think…”  She shivered as she watched his fingers spread the dark juice along the white skin of her inner thigh.

“That’s right, Kathryn, don’t think.”  He lowered her foot, coming closer, his body pressing hers to the side.  “You think too much.”  He lowered his lips to hers.

Chakotay’s lips were moist and gentle, tasting like the sweet grapes they had been crushing, as they moved against hers.  Kathryn’s hands came up between them intent on pushing him away, but she found they had an agenda all their own, sliding beneath the open shirt to caress his almost hairless chest.  He moaned into her mouth as her short nails grazed his nipples.  Chakotay's kisses spread across her jaw and she answered his moan as his tongue found that very sensitive spot behind her ear.  His hands were sliding the blouse off her shoulders, his mouth nipping at the soft flesh of her neck as he pushed the blouse and bra lower to free her breasts.

Something in Kathryn’s head told her this was wrong but her body quickly overruled it with a rush of wetness between her legs as his teeth gently closed around her taut nipple.  She groaned, involuntarily arching to push her breast harder against his mouth.  While his mouth paid homage to her breast, his hands reached down to cup her buttocks pressing their lower bodies tightly together.  Kathryn felt him swell hard against her belly, her own moisture spreading to soak her panties.  Right and wrong suddenly lost all meaning as she forced her hand between them opening the fasteners on his trousers.  Her gentle hand reached in, cupping his testicles, feeling them tighten; feeling him groan against her breast; his hot wet tongue swirling over her nipple.

Chakotay hadn’t planned this part; he hadn’t meant for it to get like this, but he was powerless against the rising urgency, this overwhelming need for her.  He gasped at the feel of her warm hand between his legs, slender fingers running the length of him, grasping him firmly.  Her moans urged him on; his hands untucked the skirt lifting it our of his way, his fingers gliding over her soft belly tracing the edge of the elastic before yanking it out of his way.  His fingers teasingly crossed the damp curls; she groaned as she pushed against him.

He fell to his knees, the cold mush of the grapes against his hot skin maked him gasp.
His fingers traced lightly against the soft flesh of her inner thigh as he lifted one leg over his shoulder.  Slowly, he licked the grape juice from her thighs, inching his way up to her hot center.  She flinched as his cold fingers parted the hot flesh, crying out as he put his mouth to her.

“Oh god.”  Kathryn’s head flung back against the side of the lagare as his tongue began a torturously unhurried investigation of her most intimate parts.  Her fingers tangled in his hair, as he continued to languidly drink in her juices, swirling, flicking with agonizing slowness.  Finally reaching her sensitive bud, tongue lapping as two fingers pushed into her velvet heat; her hips arched pressing her tight against his face.

He heard her moans, the almost incoherent mumblings of her pleasure as she pleaded for completion.  He wanted to hold her off but he could deny her nothing certainly not this pleasure, he closed his lips around her aching bundle sucking, his fingers rapidly thrusting.  She clenched around him, a coarse sound similar to his name ripped from her throat as she convulsed against his face.   He continued to suck her as she rode out the climax finally collapsing bonelessly against the vat.

Standing, Chakotay held her against the side removing her leg from his shoulder and draped it over his hip.  He bent to suck a breast, his hands lifting her higher as she wrapped her other leg around him.  Positioned at her entrance he held her up, kissing a moist path across her chest up her neck, slow meandering kisses until she grabbed his face in her hands and drew his lips to her.

Her senses were returning, the cold of the stone vat, the warmth of his lips, the anticipation building as he pressed so close to her without entering.  She pulled his face to hers, sucking in his tongue.  Kathryn squirmed against him trying to force herself lower; he held her away, his tongue dueling with hers his chest pressing against her, holding her still against the lagare.  She felt his one hand leave her hip reaching beneath her to slide his bulging head along her slick folds.  Chakotay allowed only the shallowest penetration as his fingers expertly manipulated her swollen clit.  Kathryn struggled against him, panting into his face, stretching her hand down until her fingers were just close enough to stroke him.

Unable to resist any longer, Chakotay leaned slightly back and allowed Kathryn to slip down the wall and impale herself.  Gasping as he filled her, Kathryn stilled, savoring the feel of her tight walls as they stretched around his throbbing cock.

“I love you, Kathryn.”  He swallowed her reply, as he began a slow unsteady rhythm.

His hands on her hips, Chakotay raised and lowered her at an increasing pace.  Kathryn’s hands reached out to touch everywhere they could reach, stroking, clutching and suddenly, her nails digging into him, she cried out, inner muscles tightened around him.  Caught in the hot velvet vise clenching and unclenching, he exploded slamming her hard against the wall as he emptied his seed deep inside her.

He fell to his knees; both of them gasping as hot flesh contacted the cold juices of the squashed grapes.  She was straddling him; her face nestled in his neck.  He stroked her back as they regained their breath.

“Kathryn.”  His voice was soft, tentative, he waited for her to raise her head and look at him.

“Chakotay.”  She lifted her head and smiled.

The crooked smile, the warmth in her eyes allayed his fears.  They had been more open in their feeling of late but he was afraid this was a boundary he had crossed too soon.  He relaxed.

“So, how do you like wine country?”  He smiled as he watched her survey their position.

He was kneeling with her straddling him, in the middle of a vat of crushed grapes.  They were cold and sticky and probably stained purple for a good long time.  She picked up a fist full of grapes smearing it across his chest, laughing at his gasp

“Wine country is beautiful.  It was a lovely idea, thank you.”  She licked the juice off his chest.  “But next time, Chakotay, why don’t we just replicate a bottle wine and stay at home where the bed is soft and relatively dry.”

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