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To the Highest Bidder

Having spent the better part of an hour soaking in a deliciously warm and restful bubble bath, sipping wine and letting the soothing music wrap about her soul, Kathryn should have been relaxed.  She wasn’t.  Instead she was jumpy and the tight knot of earlier in the day quickly returning to the pit of her stomach.  How had she gotten into this?  They had ganged up on her of course, she really should be more prepared for that sort of attack, her crew—her former crew – had done it often enough.

Kathryn toweled off the remains of her bath as she studied herself in the mirror.
What the hell had she been thinking when she agreed to be auctioned off like so much meat?  Oh, it was for a good cause and it was only for a matter of hours, harmless fun they had told her.  Then why did it feel so foreboding?   Why did she have this feeling of impending doom that she just couldn’t shake?

Kathryn moved about the room trying to settle her uneasiness. She found herself fingering the soft material of the dress she had finally picked out for this evening’s adventure.  It was long, black and simple, the gentle scoop of the neckline would show just the right amount of cleavage, from there it hugged her body until it gently glided over he hips to fall gracefully to the floor. It was dignified enough for the admiral, yet its snug fit and side slit to well above her knee it clearly reminded every one that this admiral was still a woman.   She looked again at the dress; it was lovely but maybe it was too much. Maybe tonight she didn’t need to remind people she was a woman maybe the admiral would handle this better.  It didn’t matter now; she needed to be ready when Steven arrived to pick her up, in just over half an hour so that’s what she would be wearing.

It could be fun, well depending on who bought her, of course.  Kathryn laughed at Steven’s promise to out bid everyone no matter the cost; a promise that lasted only as long as it had taken B’Elanna and Samantha to flatter him into putting himself on the auction block.  Oh they were good those two, she would give them that!


“So what is this great brainstorm you’ve come up with to finance the museum?”  Kathryn had had enough of the small talk.  This dinner had been arranged to sucker her into another of Tom’s harebrained schemes, she was sure of it.

“Kathryn, I’m wounded.”  Tom gave her his best innocent puppy dog look.  “We worked hard to put this together.  “The museum is very near to our hearts.”

“As it is to mine, Tom.”  Kathryn smiled sweetly, leaning her face close to his.  “Now cut the bull and tell me what you are scheming?”

“Kathryn, that isn’t very nice.”  Steven smiled as he eased her back in her seat.  “Let the man explain his ideas, you’ve said yourself he is very resourceful.”

“Yes, and that’s exactly why I don’t trust him.” Kathryn laughed. “Look around you, Steven.  Tom, B’Elanna and Harry, otherwise known as the three musketeers of the Delta Quadrant.  Now toss in Sam and Celes and stir gently- very gently- because I can guarantee trouble and that’s in the best case.  God if we had the Delaney sisters here we would probably get arrested!”

“I see what you mean.” Steven feigned concern.  “Perhaps I should just get the check.”  He signaled the waiter but instead of asking for the check he ordered another round of drinks. “Tom, tell us this idea of yours.”

“Well.”  Tom glanced in Kathryn’s direction smiling at the death glare she aimed at her dinner companion.  “It’s a different kind of fund raiser, different for us that is.  It was popular for a while …”
“Oh let me guess, Tom.”  Kathryn interrupted.  “In the twentieth century?”

“ Well, yeah but…”

“Oh, Tom, not another 1950’s sock thing!” Kathryn rolled her eyes

“Kathryn, let the man speak.”  Steven smiled and Kathryn just glared at him.

“It’s an auction. Well, not just an ordinary auction.  In this one men …”

“And women.”  B’Elanna added.

“Yes and women.” Tom conceded “Bid each other.”

“Like a Slave auction?  That wasn’t twentieth century that was what seventeenth eighteenth??

“Not exactly a slave, more like a ----date.” Tom looked around at the others for support.

“And you all think this buying and selling of people is acceptable?”  Kathryn found the idea a little shocking even for Tom.

“Its really harmless. People donate to the museum and they get to spend a few hours with whichever celebrity they purchased.”  Celes smiled innocently.

“There are rules. The person doesn’t have to do anything they are uncomfortable with.”  Harry shrugged.  “And the buyer gets to spend time with someone they admire and maybe someone they wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to get to know.”

“Well, it sounds innocent enough when you put it that way.” Kathryn survey the smiling faces, they had a unique idea here. “ Have you spoken to Owen about this?”

“Yes, we have.”  Tom gave her his most charming boyish smile.  “And he thinks it’s a fine idea, providing of course that you are willing to go alone with it.”

“I don’t really have much say here I’m only one member of the museum committee.” The smiles deepened and Kathryn knew there was more to the story. “OK out with it, Paris.  What’s the catch?”

“Why Kathryn….”

“Cut the bull! What’s the catch?”

“It’s not a catch—exactly.”

“Then what exactly is it?”

“Well to be most effective we need the most desirable, the most interesting, the most …”

“Cut to the chase here boy!”

“What Tom is trying to say, Kathryn is that we need the most….”

“B’Elanna, I’ve already heard that crap from him.  From you I expect the straight deal.”

“OK.  We want to you to be out headliner.”

“Me!?” Kathryn glanced over at her date who only laughed.  “You want to auction me off?”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful idea.  Who represents the best of Voyager but you!”  Sam backed up B’Elanna.

“What about you B’Elanna are you going to be part of this?”

“Sorry, I’m married.”

“Oh, how very convenient.”

Laughter rose around the table the waiter brought another round of drinks and it had, in Kathryn’s opinion, gone downhill from there.  Some time during the next few hours Kathryn agreed to the plan.  She vividly remember several rounds of toasts to the success of this project; perhaps a few too many.


Kathryn stood in the wings watching. Seven was ‘on the block’ and Kathryn was up next, her stomach tightened.  The bidding had just started, Kathryn could hear but not see the bidders.  She recognized Chakotay’s voice and the doctors’ but most of the others were strange to her.  Well, Seven looked exquisite tonight, it was no wonder every man in the place was anxious to ‘purchase’ her. The bidding continued and Kathryn smiled when she heard several women in the mix.

Seven would bring a handsome price.  Kathryn mused.  I wonder if I can compete with that.  Oh God what am I thinking!

The voices became fewer. There were three for a few minutes and then it was down to Chakotay and the Doctor.  Kathryn smiled.

Sorry Doc but Chakotay isn’t going to let you win this one.

Kathryn momentarily lost track of the bidding as she realized it would soon be her turn.  She had never been this nervous in her life.  She took several deep-calming breaths and forced herself to focus her thoughts.

The auctioneer was saying “Congratulations, Doctor, you are a lucky man indeed.” But the words failed to register as Kathryn was led to ‘the block.’

Kathryn moved gracefully to center stage as the Auctioneer listed her ‘attributes’ for the bidders.  Unable to see beyond the glaring lights she force herself to appear calm and smile for the audience she knew was watching beyond the curtain of hot white light.

The auctioneer opened the bidding and the first voice she recognized was Mike Ayala.  Kathryn’s smile deepened, that was quite a handsome opening bid and Mr. Ayala had always intrigued her, a few hours in his company could be fascinating.  There were other voices she couldn’t pick out many in the mix.  The bidding was fast, the ‘price’ rising quickly, any fear she had of not bringing in a higher price than her protegee was long gone.   To Kathryn’s surprise one of the voices bidding against Mike and driving the price higher was Noah Lessing, now that would make for and interesting evening.  Several Admirals she knew and usually avoided were in the mix but none competed too seriously.

Suddenly one voice rang out, a familiar voice and Kathryn froze.  The voice more than doubled the last bid and the entire room fell silent.

After several long moments of silence the Auctioneer pounded his gavel.  “Sold to Captain Chakotay!”


Chakotay was grateful he hadn’t had to out bid her current … current what he wondered.  Boyfriend was hardly a term he would apply to a man almost twenty years his senior, lover wasn’t something he could even bring himself to think about.  Even suitor turned his stomach, maybe escort applied, well at least it was a visual his mind could handle-well, almost.  The others were no problem, Ayala and Noah were the major contenders and neither would ever challenge his right to claim this prize.

Chakotay finally made his way backstage to pay his credits and collect his purchase. This little acquisition would cause him to dip into that pile of back pay he vowed not to use but somehow that didn’t bother him now.  Kathryn belonged to him—well not really but for the next few hours she would do his bidding, or not.  Chakotay smiled to himself, just how far would Kathryn allow this game to go.  He wasn’t sure but he intended to test its limits.

“…And if you will put your thumb print here she will be all yours for the next few hours.”  The young Lieutenant winked knowingly at Chakotay. “Good luck.”

“What?”  Chakotay hadn’t really been listening to the chatter of the young man. His mind was overflowing with possibilities.

“I said good luck.  It’s not every man who gets to turn the tables on his former CO.”  The young man laughed.  “Guess she still is huh, Captain?”

“What? Oh the Admiral.  Yes, normally she is still in charge.”  Chakotay smiled at the thought.  And she is stubborn and as cantankerous as an old mule when she didn’t get her way.  Of course he didn’t voice these thoughts.

“But not tonight.  Tonight you get to give the orders …..”

“Where?”  Chakotay had had enough of this conversation.  He was anxious to be away from this whole circus atmosphere, and for some odd reason he was nervous as hell.”

“Over there.”  The Lieutenant nodded toward the door marked in big bold letters “Holding Pen”.  “Just give the keeper this padd and she is all yours.”

Kathryn had been in shock when they led her from the stage.  Chakotay had paid a hugh price for her time, something he didn’t seem to want much of these days even for free.  But what about Seven?  Kathryn remembered standing in the wings for the previous auction and Chakotay had competed eagerly. At the time she assumed Chakotay would win Seven, but she hadn’t paid close enough attention, as her own nervousness took over. Now she struggled to recall the outcome. ‘Congratulations Doctor’ the words suddenly slammed into her mind – Chakotay had been out bid by the doctor!  The door opened.

“Number 74656, Janeway!”  The Guard yelled and Kathryn stood up.  “Let’s go honey you’re wasting the man’s money!”  He smiled as he ushered Kathryn toward her new owner.
For a moment they looked at each other their expressions serious but unreadable, then he smiled.  Kathryn responded in kind. If she had to be ‘owned’ by someone she couldn’t think of a better choice.

“Shall we?”  He offered her his arm.

“It’s your call now isn’t it?” Kathryn took his arm and allowed him to lead her out past the milling crowds.

In silence he took her through the other couples and out the front door.  He nodded at the hotel doorman but declined his offer of transportation. Instead they walked to the nearest transport station.  Chakotay handed a slip of paper to the woman at the controls, who nodded as she smiled knowingly and within seconds they were whisked away.

They materialized in a thickly wooded area, had this been anyone else Kathryn might have been frightened.  Chakotay smiled at the questions he saw as her eyes survey the area but he still didn’t speak. Taking her arm again, he walk with her down a dark path and through a grove of trees to a small clearing lit mostly by the soft silvery light of the full moon.  They crossed a soft carpet of lush grass to a small table.  It certainly wasn’t what she had expected, or dressed for this evening, the heels of her shoes sunk into the soft ground.

“Take them off, Kathryn.”

“What?”  Kathryn looked up startled.

“The shoes.”  He chuckled.  “Take them off you wont need them here.”

“Oh.” Kathryn laughed.  “I suppose I could.”

Chakotay placed his hand on her waist to steady her as Kathryn slipped off her shoes.  The grass was soft but cool against her stocking feet.  Chakotay took her shoes, putting them beneath the small table set in the corner of the clearing.

“This is …”  Kathryn look around at the table with its candles, covered dishes.  “very nice.

“And not at all what you expected this evening?” Chakotay lit the candles and offered her a seat.

“Honestly, I had no idea what to expect.” Kathryn allowed him to seat her and watched as he opened the wine, filled their glasses and took the seat across from her.

“But whatever it might have been; it wasn’t this?”

“No.”  Kathryn laughed “I never would have dreamed of this.”

“But I would.”

“Yes, this is so very much like you.”
All through out dinner Chakotay kept Kathryn entertained with stories of his latest adventures aboard what he nicknamed the good ship lollypop.  Captain Chakotay didn’t run your average starship.  His ship was the center of a pilot program that introduced children of various ages and backgrounds to the science and adventure of space travel.

Chakotay insisted he ran the twenty-fourth century equivalent of summer camp.  And to make it even better a good part of his crew consisted of third year academy students.  Kathryn wasn’t sure if the cadets or the children were more trouble, but she was sure Chakotay thoroughly enjoyed both.   Kathryn remembered when she had first heard his idea, she seriously doubted his sanity but in spite of that she had supported it and helped to push it past some very skeptical brass.  The program was becoming very popular and had been deemed a great success.

The conversation over dinner had been lively, Chakotay had her laughing most of the time, but now dinner was over and Kathryn was feeling a little unsure of what came next.

“Sorry about Seven.”  Kathryn ventured to fill the lull in the conversation and cover her own uneasiness
“What about her?” Chakotay moved their plates aside and refilled their wine glasses.

“Doc, out bid you.”  Kathryn watched a dimple deepening smile spread across his face.  “What?”

“I guess it didn’t occur to you that I paid three times as much for you.”

“Then why…?

“Because its you I want to spend my evenings with.”  Chakotay pressed a button on the edge of the table filling the air with warm sensuous music. “Dance with me?”  He stood and took her hand.

Kathryn slipped easily into his arms. They fit together so perfectly, so comfortably, and the feel of her in his arms was everything he ever wanted. How could he ever have thought otherwise?

Kathryn felt complete in his arms, the heat of his body pressed to hers was warmly secure yet deliciously tantalizing. She felt every movement of every muscle, breathed the same air, she closed her eyes, her whole body felt alive with just his presence.  Of all the places she had been and all the things that she had accomplished this was her ultimate and somehow it always alluded her.  Kathryn rested her head against him and allowed the fantasy of this moment surround her until the music stopped.

“This was lovely, Chakotay.” Kathryn stepped back when the music stopped.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Very much so, but you paid a high price for this evening…”

“And you are worth every credit.”

“Thank you, but wasn’t the idea of this evening that I should serve you?”

“Something like that.”

“But you haven’t even asked me for anything.”  Kathryn leaned closer. “Tell me Chakotay, rules aside, if you could order me to do anything, what would it be?”

Chakotay smiled and stepped back.  He let his eyes wander down to her toes and slowly brought them back to hers.

“Take off the dress.”

“What?”  Although she heard him clearly Kathryn wasn’t quite sure he was serious.

“I think you heard me.”  He moved slightly closer.  “Kathryn, I know you well enough to hypothesis that there is very little under that very elegant looking evening dress and you did ask me what I would command if there were no rules.”  He took a deep breath. “Take off the dress.”

Kathryn studied his face; he was serious.  She didn’t have to go along with this, the rules stated… hell did she care about the rules? Rules, regulations and protocols had governed her life and kept them apart all these years.  He had told her what he wanted, ok so it was more of an order but still…..

Chakotay watched her expressions.  She was stunned by his request but he didn’t think she was opposed to it.  He waited.

Kathryn felt her heart pounding, the sound of her rushing blood coursed through her ears.  She knew it had only been seconds but it seemed like an eternity. He was waiting for her to say something, to do something.  Her breath quickened as her whole body reacted to the raw lust that flashed in his eyes. She tried in vain to calm herself. How had he done this to her with only a simple request?

Chakotay willed himself to be calm. There was a chance she would slap him or maybe just turn and walk away, but as the seconds ticked away, he didn’t think so.  He saw her chest rise and fall in deepening breaths as she tired to squelch her obvious reaction.

“Kathryn.”  It was a deep sensuous sound as it reverberated in the tension thick air between them.  He didn’t trust himself to say more but her ragged breath told him it wasn’t necessary.

Chakotay had always said her name like no other.  It never failed to ignite the passions she kept so well concealed.  Tonight she lacked the protection of the barriers that had kept her so safe all these years.   Tonight there was no rank, no ship, no Starfleet, no protocols tonight she belonged to him and tonight she was completely vulnerable.  Slowly, without ever taking her eyes from his, Kathryn reached behind her and fumbled with the fastener.
Even as he held her eyes, he could see the rosy flush of arousal spreading across the milky white skin.  She reached her arms back; his body reacted instantly to the promise of that simple movement, the anticipation of the fulfillment of dreams long held.  The fastener opened, the thin straps slid off her shoulders and the dress slipped just enough to begin to reveal the soft white swell of her breasts.  Chakotay took a step closer his eyes falling to follow the progress of the dress.

Kathryn could feel his eyes as they devoured the newly exposed flesh, his close scrutiny caused her skin to tingle and her breath to quicken and then he touched her and for a moment she couldn’t breath at all.

One dark finger traced the strap across her arm and slowly moved upward spreading fire as it skimmed across her shoulder pausing at the hollow of her throat before meandering lower to explore the valley between her breasts.

Chakotay lowered his head and as he placed his lips against Kathryn's warm, soft mouth his hand gently moved her arms to her sides; the dress slipped away.

Kathryn’s eyes drifted to the full moist lips slowly descending to hers, so warm, so inviting, in that moment they were breathing the same air and her heart hammering in anticipation; she licked her lips and stretched up to meet him.

The touch of his lips was electrifying, tongues probed and danced, Kathryn hungrily devoured his kisses. Her fingers frantically worked the fasteners on his shirt pulling it open, exposing his smooth golden chest to her insistent hands, her gentle exploration growing in intensity with their kiss.

The dress lay puddle at Kathryn’s feet.  Chakotay wanted her body aligned with his, skin to skin, he needed to feel her heart beating against his own. Kathryn obviously felt the same need, she tore open his shirt.  Slowly, gently, he pulled her closer until her breasts brushed his chest and a quick gasp then a deep moan escaped her throat. Chakotay forced himself out of the kiss and stepped back to look at her.

As his body moved away Kathryn open her eyes to find him watching her. A moment of self-consciousness threatened then Chakotay raised his eyes to meet hers. The deep coffee pools that met her burned with desire; the love that shone there made Kathryn feel beautiful in spite of herself.

Kathryn seemed nervous under his scrutiny, why was beyond his comprehension.  She stood before him, perfect in his eyes, her creamy white skin glowing in the moonlight, the gentle splashes of light brown freckles beckoning him to follow them to where they paused at the swell of her breasts.  His eyes caressed her, moving from her breasts to the tuck of her waist, the slight round of her belly, the auburn hair softly curled around the edges of the dark panties.  The sight of the dark stocking magically held tight to her muscled thighs caused his groin to tighten; Chakotay raised his eyes to meet hers.

Kathryn moved closer reaching up to capture the full moist lips that she had so often dreamed about. Chakotay eagerly returned her kiss then lifted her gently is strong arms then lowering her to the ground.  He tenderly laid her on carpet of cool soft grass and stood to remove his own clothing.  This time Kathryn smiled when she lost her hold on his eyes.  She could feel the heat rising, as his dark eyes hungrily swept the length of her body, devouring each curve and each delicate line.

Kathryn felt an almost unbearably fire surge through her body when he began to actually touch her.  Slowly, steadily his course fingertips bushed her cheeks, tracing her jaw line, smoothing down her neck. Through hooded eyes she watched him as he studied each movement of his hands, smiling at the growing effect he had on her. His hands ran down her chest, the slightly rough texture of his palms grazed her nipples; her breath quickened. Gradually moving lower, Chakotay’s hands caressed her belly, stroking her hips as his lips sought to suck the darkened pucker of her nipple.

Together they touched, explored each other’s bodies, learning each other’s pleasures. Passions grew, quiet touches turned demanding, small gasps escaped, bodies arched and rocked with pleasure given and received. With deliberate languor, Chakotay touched every part of her, fingers stroking curves, teeth nipping, lips and tongue lavishing attention on all her most sensitive parts, carried forward by the small whimpers and low moans she emitted. Kathryn writhed helplessly whimpering as the tension built to almost unbearable levels. Her mind no longer functioned; her body knowing only the pleasure of sensation.

Chakotay rose up over her body supporting himself with arms that rested on either side of her head. He was kissing her face her neck, returning to suck her lips. She could feel him brushing her wet entrance. Desperate to hold him deep inside her, Kathryn thrust up to meet him, wrapped her legs around him to forcing him closer.  He slid into her slowly allowing her hot slick walls to stretch around him, pausing to savor the connection before setting a slow steady pace.  They moved in unison, slow and steady, her velvet heat devouring him; she countered his thrusts matching his rhythm, her moans feeding his excitement, her short nails scoring his flesh.

Chakotay focused his mind on Kathryn, his Kathryn, her body bucking against him, trembling, writhing, crying out, sobbing his name; the fire in his belly raged. His pace increased, harder, faster he pounded into her, savoring the feel of her inner muscles as they clenched tightly around him. Higher and higher he climbed, the intensity mounting until his throbbing penis exploded with release, spurting his seed deep inside her. He collapsed, covering her completely with his sweat soaked body. She cradled him murmuring soothing words of love as they lay together regaining their breath.

With the warmth of his body draped across her and the cool of the grass beneath, Kathryn drifted into a satisfied sleep.  When she woke he was watching his fingers run gently up her thigh from the silk of the stocking she still wore to the satin smoothness of her inner thigh.  He repeated the gesture over and over.

“You like those do you?”  She could see his surprise, he hadn’t realized she was awake.

“They’re interesting and very sexy.”  He smiled but when he looked at her something in his eyes conveyed an uncertainty that hadn’t been there earlier; it made her nervous.

“It’s magic, you know?”  Kathryn tried to lighten the darkness dimming his smile but he just stared. “The stockings.”

“Yes, magical.”  He ran his fingers up the inside of her leg  “the stockings too.”

It got very quiet then. Chakotay continued to stroke her leg but his mind seemed miles away.  For a long time the only sounds were those of the night around them.

“Seems we broke the rules.” Breaking the long silence, Kathryn sat up and began searching for her discarded dress.

“Rules are for games, Kathryn.”  Chakotay stopped her movement and made her look at him.  “This went way beyond the game for me.  I would never…”

“I know.”    Kathryn reached her hand up to caress his face.  The uncertainty still clouded his eyes. “And this isn’t a game.” She smiled and kissed him gently. “Besides you couldn’t afford me if you actually had to buy me.” She teased.

“Well, then it’s a good thing I don’t have to.”  A slow smile offered her a glimpse of the deepening dimples as he eased her back down to the grass.

The End


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