This time 
LA got a run for its money 

May 7,8,9,10

KJ was on the move again --LOOK OUT  LA!
LAX held its breath as Mary S  Susan and Toni restlessly prowled the corridors awaiting the arrival of the very late KJ


First stop Venice Beach 


After finally collecting KJ, this merry band headed off to pick up the rental car.  Mary, the extremely brave, sat behind the wheel and prepared   to face the notorious LA freeways  with Susan as her navigator.  First stop Venice Beach, where Mary already told you all they did NOT film “Future’s End.”!
Susan  Toni  KJ
Susan Toni  Mary

Did you know their ocean is on the wrong side?—well trust me it is.  Anyway, after wandering the beach and firmly establishing we had the wrong place, we stopped at muscle beach to admire the scenery then dumped the sand out of our shoes and headed to Pasadena, where we met up with Andrea (fembot).  After dinner  Mary, Susan and KJ headed to the Ahmanson Theatre for their first glimpse of 'The Royal Family"


OK so this is a really lousy shot of a really nice  set but I wasn’t as brave in LA as I was in NYC so the picture is taken of an outside monitor and not actually in the theater.  The set was truly beautiful sorry for the crummy shot.


After meeting up with Chancie and Margie we sat back and enjoyed a wonderful performance by a very nice ensemble cast. Kate of course was magnificent as Julie even with the slightly Hepburn flavor of the early part of the performance. (so duh did you expect me to feel differently?) Marion Seldes gives us a  marvelously droll performance as Fanny whose facial expressions are not to be missed.  Both women were lively and energetic with Kate giving a very physical performance.  The entire play was delightfully humorous and completely entertaining.  The second time we saw the show we rented binoculars, which allowed a closer look at Kate’s reactions—yes oh princess of perv some of us actually used them to look at her face! I was very glad not to have them the first night however, as I would have missed some great interaction among these very interesting cast members.

Susan, Chancie, and Margie at the stage door

Of course as devout patrons (umm read  Kate freaks) as soon as it ended we ran right around the corner to the stage door and waited for Kate.  We were not disappointed.  Kate stopped to speak with us, even asking her son to take a few pictures for us
KJ and Kate
Mary  Susan Kate and Chancie

After hanging out with Margie and Chancie on Hollywood Blvd. And talking all night (this old lady is not used to staying up 24 hours in a row) we grabbed a couple hours sleep and started all over again.  A quick lunch, Mary, KJ, Susan, Andrea, Toni and Heather headed back to the Ahmanson for round two and another great performance.

Heather, Andrea, Mary ,Toni and Susan

Another late night and a bit of bad news from home, and we had to say good bye to Susan so she could be home for Mother’s day.  After lunch the group dwindled with Andrea off to see her new niece, we dropped Toni at Burbank airport and Heather at home.  Mary and KJ headed out (directions and map in hand) to pick up Chancie and Margie at Universal City and a trip to Santa Monica—the real location of ‘Future’s End’!

KJ,  Margie,  Chancie and Mary
Santa Monica Pier -- this is the place

After Santa Monica it was an earlier night and a long trip home on Monday.  Kate will be in Seattle in September and Schenectady in October.  Hope to see everyone there!

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