Peace - rated pg - How I think Unimatrix Zero should have ended.

Malfunctions - Kathryn has a boyfriend who malfunctions.

Reset - pushing the reset button.

Understanding- The Captain begins to understand a few things.

Smile- Kathryn begins to smile.

Dad - rated g - A short sequel to my story Mistakes, Marisa's thoughts.

Katie- rated pg - katie has a secret.

A child lost - rated g- Seven's daughter learns the truth about her father.

Deformed - rated R- Seven turns to the Captain seeking advice.

Message in a Bottle - rated pg- The senior staff get together for a game.

Losing Him - rated pg- Kathryn sufferes through a loss.

Timing is Everything - rated NC17 - someones timing is slightly off.

My Heart Went To You - rated PG- giving and recieving.

Report, Commander - rated PG - Kathryn, Chakotay and Reports!new