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Going on - rated pg -  They get home and go their seperate ways.  Will they find each
                    other again, or will a misunderstsanding keep them apart.

For Baby - rated pg - Kathryn gets more than she bargained for when she's faced with
                  carrying her first officers, and his girlfriends baby.

One Decision - rated pg13 - When the Captain finds herself in an alternate universe
                        she finds one decision can make all the difference.

Life Turns - rated pg13 - After they get home, and Kathryn confesses her love, their lives
                  suffer another twist of fate.

Changes - rated pg - After some unsettling discoveries, the Captain and Tom find
                   Themselves on an away  mission gone bad.

To Take, and then Give - rated R - Chakotay and B'Elanna are lost, Tom suffers a
                   chemical imbalance, and the Captain is faced with a life altering choice.

Sounds of Silence - rated pg - While Chakotay is away, the Captain is injured. When he
                   returns, he must help her come back.

A Fairy Tale - rated pg - B'Elanna tells her daughter a tale of the past.

Finding the lost - rated pg -Tom and B'Elanna return to New Earth to find the Captain
                   and Commander, but find the shelter empty.

The Passage of Time - rated pg - The captain is lost in an engineering accident, but is
                    she gone?

Secrets - rated pg13 - Back in the Alpha Quadrant Chakotay watches Kathryn walk
                    away, can he discover the secret that keeps them apart? revised Jan2002

Winds of Change - rated pg - Things don't work out as planned once Voyager gets
                   home, a sequel to  Jinny's 'nothing i could do to change your mind.'

Soul Searching - rated pg - Sequel to winds of change. Kathryn does a little soul
                  searching in regards to Chakotay.

Planets Away - rated pg - written with kay shadow, Chakotay gets kidnapped, and
                  Voyager is forced to land, will the crew ever be reunited with their first officer.

The Dance - rated g - The dance of life.

Regrets and New Beginnings - rated pg - We all have regrets, will we have time to make
                    things right, before it's too late?

Surprise - rated pg13 - The Captain is in for a surprise, and so is Chakotay.

Alternate Workforce - pg 13- how workforce should have been.

Family Ties - pg13 - The ties of family can be found in the least expected places.

Who am I? - rated pg - A woman searches for her identity.

Spirit of the Flower - rated PG13- A/U Timeless... what if some survived?

Truth in the Moonlight- rated PG- reflection in the moonllight and finding the truth.

I want to know what love is -rated pg- c/7, J/c- Chakotay makes a few wrong turns on
                    the road to love.

Finding Calm Within the storm -rated pg13-J/c- Chakotay makes a stand after the
                 events in equinox. 

Bath Time- rated PG13- J/C-  Everyone needs a quiet little bath.   

Lost - rated G -J/C Kathryn has lost something, its up to Guinan to help her find it once again.

Not Alone - rated G - J/C- Kathryn comes to realize that she is not alone. 

Words In Candlelight - rated  pg13 -C/7, J/C- Truth and love found in candlelight. 

Twists and Turns - rated pg13 - J&P, C/T, J/C, P/T-  The return home brings a road of twists and                    
    turns for  some of the crew of Voyager. Will those roads eventually bring them home?

Lifeline- rated Pg-13- an accident that changes Kathryn and Chakotay's life, forever.