Spud's Stories

Living without you- rated pg13-Chakotay pushes kathryn away, and finds out
                              what it's like to live without her.

Competition- rated nc17- Chakotay needs a little competition in his relationship
                     with Kathryn.

The Dance- rated G- Chakotay and Kathryn dance.

Coming Home- nc17- They are home, now free to love.

Chocolate Eggs-nc17 - Chakotay brings Kathryn a treat, and get's a treat himself.

Behind These Walls-nc17- What goes on behind those walls?

Initiations- nc17- The Captain initiates her new first officer.

Never Monotonous-rated pg- Life with the Captain is never monotonous.

I Need More- rated pg- ep edition to Unimatrix zero 2, chakotay needs more
                     from Kathryn.