Best Case Scenario -rated nc17 Chakotay has been visiting the holodeck, just what is he doing?

Sleeping Beauty - rated nc17- Chakotay gets injured, and is confused about who is who.

Repressed No More - rated nc17 - A different view on Repression, what could have
                                       happened if the mutiny lasted more than a few hours?
                                   part one     part two

Correcting a Human Error - rated pg13- Chakotay uses Seven's experiment to his

Hand Lotion- rated nc17- Kathryn gets a new hand lotion that chakotay really likes.

Another Best Case Scenario- nc-17 Kathryn checks out Tuvok's program for herself,
                        and decides to have a little fun.

Addiction- nc17 A lucky lieutenant gets to experience Chakotays in two universes!
               part 1  part2part3

Indian Captive Trilogy, Episode 1: Shoshala- rated NC 17 - Kathryn has the flu, and takes
               advantage of her free time to conjure up a few fantasies.
               Episode 2 "ready"   Episode 3 "the Game"   Episode 4 Epilog

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