The Kings of the Hill own Voyager, her crew and all things Trek but we think the characters deserve a better life.

by Sheri & Dakota

From start to finish it couldn't have lasted more than five minutes but that didn't mean it would be something Chakotay would soon forget.   Those five minutes out of the hours he had spent with Kathryn were all he could think about as he made his way from engineering to the bridge.

He and the Captain Janeway from the Alpha Quadrant had hit it off quickly once she got past her initial distrust.  She had followed him from one section of time on her fractured ship to the next trying to make sense of the circumstances she was seeing.  She asked questions but has reluctantly accepted cursory answers because of the Temporal Prime Directive.  Chakotay could tell she was becoming frustrated from adhering to that regulation.  By the time they reached sickbay they had developed a familiar (to him) rapport.  He knew she found his discomfort amusing when they reached Astrometrics and realized it was a section from both their futures.  Later, as they walked the corridors from section to section inoculating the gel packs, he found himself remembering what had first attracted him to her seven years earlier.  He found himself not paying attention to the time periods they were traversing and was caught off guard by one of the macro viruses.  As he pulled Kathryn to the safety of another section, he became aware of the tension that had steadily been growing between them.  As her eyes met his before he released her, he saw in her eyes that she recognized the tension, too.    He saw indecision in her eyes but he could not find the denial that he had grown so used to seeing over the last seven years.

They were making their way to engineering on a turbo lift having inoculated all the other sections of Voyager when it happened.  She ordered the turbo lift to half, turned to face him, reached up to grasp his head and latched onto his mouth.  He eagerly returned the kiss with all the passion he had been hiding for seven years.  Any indecision she might have felt earlier was gone.  She reached down and unfastened his pants, pulling them down to his knees in one swift move while he returned the favor.  One of his hands snaked under her shirt, the other down to her slick folds to find she was more than wet and ready.

She began to drop to her knees but he stopped her. "No time," he muttered before he spun her around so she faced away form him and pushed her feet apart with one leg.  She willingly spread her feet, anxious to feel him inside her.   She tensed in eager anticipation when she felt him move between her thighs, his hard member nudging insistently at her wet entrance.   He pushed against her gently but it was enough to make her brace herself against the wall.  Slowly he inched himself in, just the head, and did his best to control his breathing. Frustrated at the delay Kathryn tried to push back against him.  Chakotay needed no further encouragement as he rammed into her.  He pulled back and teased her by waiting again.  Only when she started to pull away did he plunge back into her and start a steady rhythm.  Their movements were frantic as the both quickly rose to their peaks, his hand massaging her sensitive nub as he pounded into her from behind. Soon she was screaming and bucking against him.  His shout soon joined hers as he spilled his seed into her.

As soon as their breathing and heart rate returned to normal, he pulled away.  After making sure Kathryn could stand on her own, Chakotay quickly dressed then waited while she did the same. Once fully clothed she turned to him. "That's some future for me to look forward to.  Your captain must be exhausted."  Her smiled.

Chakotay didn't want to admit it to her but felt it was only right.  "Actually, there are some lines my Captain Janeway and I haven't crossed."

"You're kidding right?" she asked.

"No, I'm not," he said with a sad smile.

"What the hell is wrong with me!" she muttered under her breath.  "Well, Commander, I suggest we get back to work.  Regardless of which time we're in I don't want the crew catching us in a turbolift.  It's so . . . so . . ."


"Exactly.  Resume turbolift."

"Yes, we're almost finished," he said shaking his head.  Never did he appreciate the Temporal Prime Directive as much as he did when he realized he could use it to avoid including any details beyond the basic changes they made to prevent the damage to Voyager.  There were some things Starfleet and Kathryn did not need to know.

On his way back to the bridge he finally allowed himself to relax as he leaned against the bulkhead.  He sighed and allowed his mind to wander.  Just how was he ever going to treat Kathryn the way he had this morning?  For her the encounter in the turbolift never happened.  For him it was an experience he would never forget.

The doors opened and he stepped onto the bridge. Kathryn turned her head to look him.  "Commander? I think you owe me an explanation for why you burned out our deflector dish.  Is this that time fracture I told you about?"

Chakotay stopped and stared at the captain as she stood and turned towards him.  Kathryn looked at him oddly then gasped as Chakotay hit the deck completely unconscious.  She sighed in exasperation as Tom moved to revive his fallen first officer.

"You'd think he'd be used to this by now.  I'm only seven months along with our fourth child and he's still acting like it's our first."

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