Koffee Klub 
enjoyed Brunch with Tim
before Tea at Five with Kate

August 25, 2002

Only three of the Klub (and the ever faithful Mary S.) managed to make it to Cleveland to see Tea at Five in August.  Like Hartford, the show was a sell out.  We were surprised to learn that they had made quite a few changes in the show since we saw it in Hartford.  While there were things I preferred as written in the Hartford version, I think the better of the two was the version in Cleveland.

There were two opportunities for people to get together with some of the cast from Voyager and see Tea at Five -- one on Friday night and the other on Sunday morning.  We went on Sunday morning for brunch.  This was a relatively small group, perhaps one hundred people.  Almost everyone had attended the activities on Saturday and knew each other.

John de Lancie joined the group for breakfast and Robbie McNeil acted as host.  Acting as host at this particular event meant he stood up and thanked everyone for coming and said how great all the Voyager fans were, not to mention how generous they were.

The three of us settled at a table with some familiar faces from the UK and were joined by Tim Hagan.  Any hopes Tim had of attracting some votes from that table faded when he found that there were only two US residents and only one Ohio resident - from the stronghold of his opposition.   We had a wonderful conversation on lots of different international topics.

The humor of the day for our table came up when we went through the buffet.  The people from the UK were puzzled by one item of food and we had to identify it for them.  They learned that Ohio's favorite version of hash brown potatoes bears little if any resemblance to UK hash browns.  Americans also tend to put everything on one plate -- fruit, meat, bread -- not something that seems like a good idea to everyone.  It is quite amazing how you can speak the same language, yet not speak the same language.

As many of you know, the role of Katharine Hepburn places a great strain on Kate's voice so she was unable to join the group for breakfast.  There was a matinee and an evening performance so she was taking no chances on disappointing the audience in either show.  We were disappointed but we understood.

We will be adding a few pictures to this page as soon as they are available.

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