Koffee Klub 
 On the road again 
This time it was Palm Beach

November 14, 2003

This time KJ was the sole representative of the Klub when she met the ever faithful Mary S. in Palm Beach for a break from the cold north and of course a few more performances of Tea at Five.

As welcome a change as warm weather in November is to us Northerners, there is something inherently wrong with Christmas lights on palm trees!

Although the weatherman threatened rain, (shades of NYC) the air was dry and warm and the sun was shining brightly.  Mary and I spent a couple of beautiful days wandering the shops and open markets in West Palm Beach.  (pictures of which will appear here if she ever sends them) And time basking in the sunshine beside this fountain watching (and if you look closely you can see them there) several children splash through the rising and falling waterspouts. (and behind the fountain you can almost see the Cuban restaurant where some people had dinner and some of us enjoyed the strawberry daiquiris -- ummm klub members might  remember my fondness for them from Cleveland)
OK,  so it turns out Mary is not  any better at taking pictures than me, but she did send me the ones that came out.  At least you get to see the sunshine and the beautiful flowers.  


Again we were lucky enough to meet up with some old friends and  fellow avid Kate fans, Linda and DA Kent. The above picture introduces KJ's newly grayed hair (OK it's not new but it's not being covered up anymore!)  And just across the street from this charming fountain and most useful bench is the Cuillo Theater, temporary home of Kate's latest production of Tea at Five.



Mary and I attended both Saturday night's performance and Sunday's matinee.  Yes, pushing my count to eight times in four different cities! Once again there were a few changes in the show.  The opening sport of choice went from swimming to tennis to golf!  BTW  Kate is deadly with a golf club!  Kate gave a much more emotional performance in both acts, once again surprising me by improving on her own previous perfection.

and of course a  there is no need to mention KJ's other addiction --the computer ladies be nice!
Shayenne notice the 'Write Naked' shirt!

We will be adding a few pictures to this page if  they are ever available!!

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