Koffee Klub 
took to the streets of NewYork and it may never be the same

June  3, 2003

Again three Klub members managed to get together, this time in New York City where we saw Tea at Five at the Promenade. It was cold and it was wet for June; poor Terri never comes east in good weather!  But the rain couldn't dampen our spirits.

Laura and Terri had been in town a few days before KJ arrived to be greeted by these lovely, smiling, faces. 


It had been over a year since our gathering in Hartford, and it was great to get together again and even more fun to surprise Terri with tickets to Tea at Five for her birthday.  Unable to wait or keep the secret any longer, Laura and KJ presented Terri with her surprise right there in the middle of Grand Central -- typical Terri bouncing ensued.   After exhibiting classic tourist behavior (sprinkled heavily with hugs and bouncing), the three of us made our way uptown.  Laura (the non-American) led the way -- guidebook and subway map in hand-- to our lovely if somewhat tiny accommodations. (Crista we did think of you often.)



Our time there was filled with food drink and lots of laughter especially on the subway -- which caused more then one peculiar look from hardened New Yorkers whose first rule of subway travel is never, never to enjoy it. And of course there were 'Dress Whites'.  Some one in the group has a weakness for dress whites -- hey the fleet was in and well let's just say it markedly improved the scenery in the dreary streets of NYC.

Eventually, this merry little band found its way to 76th and Broadway (outside pictures missing here -- Ladies where are they?)

 Once inside the lobby we ran into another great Kate fan whom KJ had met previously in Cleveland. Toni is a great Lady and a lot of fun -- it's so nice that Kate keeps bringing us together!

The Promenade is a small theater, seating only about 350 and like Hartford Stage and Cleveland there really is not a bad seat in the house.  As we had orchestra seats for this performance we didn't miss a breath and were able to get this illegal but wonderful shot of the first act set.


Again there were quite a few changes in the show, some good, some we could have done without.  The basic story remains the same through the line and costume changes and as always Kate is amazing.  We lost the bathing suit in Cleveland and I know Kate hated it but I still wish it were back.  This performance marked the sixth time (in three different cities) that I have had the privilege of seeing Kate as Katharine Hepburn and each one has been a pleasure.  Kate brings a little something new to each performance and just when you are convinced she can't do it any better -- she does!

We will be adding a few pictures to this page if  they are ever available!!

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